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(Thanks to Missa and Ceit who did a wonderfull job of keeping everyone in-line during the release of HP6 (The Halfblood Prince. I copied the rules from the old board.))

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is out in less than a month, and the worst thing that could happen to any of us is that the book experience is being spoiled before we had a chance to read it. Therefore for those of you who may remember how the HP6 section worked when Half Blood Prince came out, the rules of this board will be simple for you to follow. Actually the rules should be very simple regardless. If you have any questions after reading the rules, or are worried about if your post may "break" the rules, feel free to PM one of the board moderators and they will answer your questions.

The rules of the board are simple. Being HP7 Talk, this board will deal solely with that book. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Not the other books. There of course can be comparisons between books, but HP7 should be the dominate book to talk about here. (And not the movie either.) That seems pretty simple right?

Of course, polls will be allowed, but repeat polls and topics will be closed and a link to the topic/poll that already exists will be provided so that the discussion can continue in the correct place, just like with all the other boards.

Unlike the General Harry Potter Board, there will not be a "time limit" on the topics, since as we all know it will take a long time for the book to be distributed worldwide.

Of course, like the other boards, the "no spamming" rule applies, as does every other board rule (like no net-speak), etc. The only major difference for this board will be spoiler tags.

This board is the board where you will be using spoiler tags.

How to use a spoiler-tag

Using these spoiler tags is MANDATORY for all posts discussing HP7 until further notice. Please everyone remember that we are an international community with members from dozens of countries, and the seventh Harry Potter book is not released everywhere on the same time

Now for the spoiler tag. It works like this:

Code: Select all

[SPOILER]Ron Weasley is the Half-Blood Prince, or maybe it is Dean Thomas, and wasn't it exciting when Prof. Mc Gonagall opened the ... ... ... ... text text chit chat talk[/SPOILER]
Add [ SPOILER ] before and [ /SPOILER ] after the text you want to hide (no spaces)

To read a tagged spoiler, simply move your mouse into the white box and highlight the text, then you can read it. It is impossible to accidentally read the text, you will have to actively highlight it.

These tags should be used ANY time you are referring to a specific scene or anything important that happens in book 7.

Example: I thought he was cool. <--- does not need tag. (though may be spam)
Example: I thought he was cool because {insert spoiler here}<---here is where you would definitely need a tag.

Please don't put any spoilers in the topic titles. The most recent topics show up in the main forum index and we certainly don't want people who are avoiding spoilers to see them.

Since this is going to be a brand-new section, please don't be surprised if the rules grow or change. Just make sure that you check and make sure that no new posts have been added onto this particular thread. If there has been, it will show an update. Make sure to read it.

Just to add: Headers and titles of a topic SHOULD NOT contains spoilers. So do not post a title with: 'OMG!!!1!! What did you think when Ron died', but should be 'OMG. What did you think about the dead'.

Ps. This was just something to make my point. Don't worry, I did not have prior access to the book.

And something else: Sending spoiling pm's through the forums or spoiling in IRC channels will also NOT be allowed!!!
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I forgot to post here that the ban is lift since January 1st, so there is no more need of spoiler tags. /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />
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