What's Your Favourite Broom Game?

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What's Your Favourite Broom Game?

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Despite Quidditch being the most popular wizarding sport in the Harry Potter universe, that doesn't mean it's the only one.

While I quite like the idea of Quidditch, I find sports like Quodpot, Creaothceann, and Aingingein a little more interesting. Mostly because there are things that explode and/or on fire. It could be argued that they're more dangerous, so I don't know what that says about me. :lol:

Likewise, we have more broom games on HOL than just HOL Quidditch. A lot of those are played during pick-ups, friendlier types of the games where anyone can join and play, no matter their staff position, house, year, or skill.

While I enjoy the Quaffle portion of HOL Quidditch, I most enjoy playing Creaothceann as it speaks to my magpie-collecting tendencies and it gives me a chance to take a break if I catch a boulder in my cauldron.

What's your favourite broom game? Either in the Harry Potter universe or on HOL? Why?
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Re: What's Your Favourite Broom Game?

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Broom racing has to be my most favourite broom game. Especially if it involves more than 6 competitors, and has multiple hurdles, or checkpoints that must be completed along the way instead of just reaching the finish line the earliest.
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