What character would you be?

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Skylar Peyton
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Re: What character would you be?

Post by Skylar Peyton »

There are so many characters that I love, but my favorite is Hermione. She's smart, loves to study, but also values friendship and cares about others. If I could be a combination of characters, I would be Hermione mixed with a bit of Neville, Harry, Ron, and Luna. I do like some of the non student characters too, but I would prefer to be a Hogwarts student than staff or other non student.
Calliope Rose
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Re: What character would you be?

Post by Calliope Rose »

I would most likely be a combination of Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger.

My Draco side would be that I have issues with trust but when I meet the right friends they are more like family and I'm not the best at keeping my anger under-wraps. My Hermione side would be that I love to learn. I try to take part in all of the activities available, I hand in my assignments on time and my love for my friends goes beyond anything else. B)
Heather Morganson
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Re: What character would you be?

Post by Heather Morganson »

I think that if I had the choice of being a certain character I would honestly be torn between two characters. In some ways because of the fact that I tend to write rather long essays or papers I would love to be Hermione Granger especially since I am always reading. In other ways I would love to be Bellatrix Lestrange because there are times when I think that everyone as their own version of evil in them depending on the things that they are going through during that time.
Harry Walles
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Re: What character would you be?

Post by Harry Walles »

I would love to be Remus Lupin, he was such a skilled wizard and such a good character in general!
Louis Walles
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Re: What character would you be?

Post by Louis Walles »

My favourite character is Sirius Black and I would definitely want to be him.
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Emily Spencer
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Re: What character would you be?

Post by Emily Spencer »

That's a hard one as I can identify with several of the characters. If I had to make a choice, it would be a mix between Hermione Granger and Molly Weasley with a little bit of Severus Snape thrown in the mix as well. My Ravenclaw side brings out the Hermione in me and I can be a bit of a know-it-all (or so I'm told). Like Molly, I am super protective of my family and woe be unto you if you mess with them. Severus Snape is the ultimate anti-hero, and I can definitely see that in myself as well.
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Doubhee Pevensy
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Re: What character would you be?

Post by Doubhee Pevensy »

I think I would be a secondary character like Luna Lovegood or Ginny Weasley. I'm here, I can help, but I don't always have to be in the main plot !
Ina Mandarina
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Re: What character would you be?

Post by Ina Mandarina »

I would be a combination of Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood and Andromeda Black. I've always looked up to Hermione, I love reading books and I also have that kind of brown hair. Luna Lovegood, because I can always find beauty in different things and some people find that strange. And Andromeda Black, because I always 'fight' for equality and make sure everything is fair. So if I were Black even if my parents were against me marrying a muggle I'd still do it if I loved the guy. That doesn't mean that I'd betray my whole family for a guy, but that if someone is wrong, even if that someone is a member of my family, I would speak up.
Fauna Taquini
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Re: What character would you be?

Post by Fauna Taquini »

I would like to be Hermione Granger, Nymphadora Tonks and Neville Longbottom.

Hermione Granger can think of spells fast.

Nymphadora Tonks self taught herself in producing a Patronus Charm.

Neville Longbottom is very brave.
Jenn Draguar
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Re: What character would you be?

Post by Jenn Draguar »

I am, for better or worse, right smack into a Hermione archetype with my own life; it would almost feel strange saying anyone else.
For a day job, my work revolves around research, project and team management, and I have to have a lot of answers to a handful of disciplines. Not unlike how Hermione operates. Though, thanks to my friends and family, I have embraced my more fun side as of late but have masked it as a way to understand people, new cultures, and experiences more.

Always learning!

I even discovered recently that my long, brown, frizzy hair is actually quite wavy/curly, not unlike descriptions of Hermione in late HP original series and fanfics. So there's that. :D
Ayumu Yamamoto
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Re: What character would you be?

Post by Ayumu Yamamoto »

I would be one of the Weasley Twins.
I always found them so funny and I think I could be one of them because I kinda feel like I‘m a bit how they are.
(Probably bcs my personality built out of them and I am who I am bcs of them)

(Bcs = because)

So I would be very happy to be a Wesley twin.
Adeline Morior
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Re: What character would you be?

Post by Adeline Morior »

It is hard as all these characters are so unique on their own. If I had to compare myself, I would be Personality based a strong Luna Lovegood mixed in with a lot of Newt Scamander and a little bit of Hermione Granger.

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Viviana Kingston
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Re: What character would you be?

Post by Viviana Kingston »

I think I’d be a bit of Newt Scamander and Ronald Weasley combined, maybe throw in a bit of Draco Malloy in there too. The Ronald Weasley is more of a nod to when I first started watching the Harry Potter movies, I couldn’t get his slang out of my mouth!
- Viviana Kingston
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Evie Figg
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Re: What character would you be?

Post by Evie Figg »

I would hope to be like someone like Hermione, however I'd probably end up as a mix between Ron, Luna and Newt Scamander.
Hiya Debnath
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Re: What character would you be?

Post by Hiya Debnath »

I would be Hermione Granger. I love her, absolute adore her and also resemble her the most. She is my role-model in the wizarding world.
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