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Other storyline?

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Aside from the Fantastic Beasts storyline with Newt Scamander, Professor Dumbledore, and Grindelwald, we all know there are a lot more other storylines that take place in the wizarding world.

There's the story of the Hogwarts founders and all that went down there with the creation of the Chamber of Secrets. There's the story to do with the Dumbledore family before the events of Fantastic Beasts (like a prequel) there's another one to do with Tom Riddle and his time at Hogwarts and turning into Voldemort. Then of course There's the story of the Marauders time at Hogwarts and the first wizarding war. There might even be other stories that we've heard about through either the movies or the books that could be worth looking deeper into.

What stories that take place in the wizarding world would you like to see made into a movie?

I think I would like to see any of the above made into movies, it's hard to pick just one of them. I love Fantastic Beasts and going to see The Secrets of Dumbledore this weekend!!! But I do wish that at some point, some of these other storylines are made into movies too.
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Re: Other storyline?

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I wouldn't mind seeing a movie of what's called the Silver Trio, with Neville and Ginny, and Luna back at Hogwarts during that final year of the war. It would be an interesting parallel to what was going on in the Deathly Hallows movies.

Beyond that, I wouldn't mind a biopic style film into the life of Minerva McGonagall. One of my favorite professors, what bit I've read, she's had a fascinating life and I just would love to see that on the big screen or as an epic "The Crown" style drama show.

So those are the two storylines I would love to see made.
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