What would your magical career be?

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February Fortescue
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What would your magical career be?

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While you're pursuing your magical education, it's never too soon to begin thinking about your future career, right? There are so many paths to choose from! I've heard many magical folk share their interest in becoming Aurors. That's a great choice - we definitely need protection! Others have shared they are considering a career working with magical creatures. I can definitely see the appeal - and with so many to choose from, you can even specialize!

I have two. I'm hoping Madam Pince will take me on as an Assistant. My dream is to work as a Hogwarts Librarian! What could be better than being surrounded all day by books? I honestly can't think of a better career! I would also like to bring muggle mental health counseling into the wizarding world. I am quite wealthy (February is. Muggle me isn't.) and will fund a grant to set up scholarships for talented witches and wizards to attend muggle university to study counseling and then bring their training back to the wizarding world.

What about you? What is your magical career going to be?
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Prof. Sindor Aloyarc
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Re: What would your magical career be?

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My magical career-of-choice: Being a Talk Show Host on the Wizarding Wireless Network.

With my background in the performing/healing arts, I’d love to create a radio show that offers entertainment and community to those within the Wizarding world who are curious about bridging some more of the divide between magic and non-magic people.

If there’s one thing I rarely am, it’s speechless. I love getting to connect with others about the human experience, so I think it’d be enjoyable for me to be able to bring Witches and Wizards, as well as Muggles on as guests to offer a fun/relaxed public outlet for gaining more understanding of our similarities and differences.
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Maxim Trevelyan
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Re: What would your magical career be?

Post by Maxim Trevelyan »

It is a tough pick, but I think I would ultimately teach something, either at Hogwarts or any of the other school or academies. There are no obvious wizarding lawyers in the series (and do not get me started on due process in Wizarding Britain), so teaching it is. I quite love grading and imparting knowledge or those who want it (or have to be there) and it is something that I enjoyed doing as TA at University.
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Cassanndra Mill
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Re: What would your magical career be?

Post by Cassanndra Mill »

my magical career would most definitely to teach astrology at Hogwarts
Ethan Freckelton
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Re: What would your magical career be?

Post by Ethan Freckelton »

I would love to be an Auror.
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