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Harry Potter Talk Rules

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Welcome to the Harry Potter Talk! This forum is meant for general and specific discourse of all things Harry Potter.

There needs to be some rules regarding this forum, so the mods decided to set a few. Please follow them diligently to have the best experience.

Rule 1: Spoilers.
Read this thread.

Rule 2: Multiple topics about the same thing.
Any repeat topics will be merged, closed or deleted. Make sure you check around the forum first to make sure that your topic has not already been posted.

Rule 3: Relevancy.
Any topic that does not deal directly with the Harry Potter books, movies, movie music, and so on will be moved to the appropriate home in the Students’ Lounge and under the care of the mods there. This is because that is the place for these topics, not here. You will receive a PM if your topic will be moved.

Rule 4: Spam.
Please try not to spam the forum. One line sentences, someone agreeing without saying why they agree. Overuse of smiley faces. That sort of thing. Also large fonts and multi-colored posts can be considered spam as well.

Rule 5: Polls.
Any poll that is a repeat poll will be deleted. Please do not abuse the poll option too much as a topic works just as well and does not use as much bandwidth. Remember to make these polls HP related and to make sure they do not contain any possible spoilers.

Rule 6: Topics that have been up too long.
We clean house in here quite often. Any topics which have not been replied to for at least a year will be deleted unless they are historically important or are interesting enough that posting might occur in the near future.

If a topic of yours is determined to be rule-breaking or is too controversial, or contains anything dealing with real world religion, politics or other HOL inappropriate topics, it will be deleted. You will receive a PM telling you why.

If you are curious as to whether or not the topic you want to post is acceptable, please do feel free to PM the mods of Harry Potter Talk.

Current mods:
  • Iverian Gnash
  • Maxim Trevelyan

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