Graduation Ceremony - Spring 2018/2019

Class led by Maxim Trevelyan
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Graduation Ceremony - Spring 2018/2019

Post by Maxim Trevelyan » Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:51 pm

Congratulations to all graduates for an amazing term of Occlumency. Without further ado, here are Quills and awards!


Elena Galatas
Kendra Givens

Mind Shielder
Given to students who pass the class.

Elena Galatas
Kendra Givens

Mind Blower
Given to students who have the highest point count of their house.

Elena Galatas, Kendra Givens
Kim Alting
Katelin Ross

Mind Bender
Given to students who impress me with their assignments.

Elena Galatas

Also congratulations to Kim Alting for getting the best time on the puzzle!

I have graded and submitted points for all assignments I received as of 6/20/19 7:00 pm, and given out awards. I will not award quills for a few days, so if there was anything I missed or you think something is wrong, do not hesitate to message me through any means (HOL/HOL Forum/Roost message, IRC, e-mail) by June 22nd.

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