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January - Skyscrapers

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2021 6:14 pm
by Maxim Trevelyan
Worth 10 Hoots:

Worth 15 Hoots:

A Skyscraper puzzle consists of a square grid with some exterior 'skyscraper' clues. Every square in the grid must be filled with a digit from 1 to 5 so that every row and column contains one of each digit, as in Sudoku.

Each digit placed in the grid can be visualised as a building of that many storeys. A '5' is a 5 story building and so on. Each number outside the grid reveals the number of 'buildings' that can be seen from that point, looking along the adjacent row or column. Every building blocks all buildings of a lower height from view, while taller buildings are still visible beyond it.

Send me the solution through HOL Forum message (Subject: HOLLERS January Skyscrapers) by January 31st, 11:59pm HOL time to get your Hoots.

Re: January - Skyscrapers

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 8:18 pm
by Maxim Trevelyan
People who sent in the solutions are:

Mia Fountain - both
Prof. Will Lestrange - both
Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - both
Kendra Givens - both

Re: January - Skyscrapers

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2021 12:02 am
by Maxim Trevelyan
25 Hoots go to:

Kendra Givens
Mia Fountain
Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
Prof. Will Lestrange