January Newsletter


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January Newsletter

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Happy New Year, everyone!!

First, we must take a look at the hourglasses:

House Cup Standings
Gryffindor -- 17,911
Hufflepuff -- 19,990
Ravenclaw -- 18,010
Slytherin -- 23,250

The end of term is merely a few weeks away! January is a huge point submission month, so expect changes to those totals. Many class deadlines are on or around January 15th. Make sure you get your work in on time to earn points for your House!

Those who are interested in teaching next term should note that class applications will be open until January 20th.

If you haven't already joined in the current HOL activity, you're missing out! Venture into the Land of the Sweets for fun challenges and the opportunity to earn points and beans! All tasks are due January 17th, concluding with a #HappyHOLidays IRC event from 10pm to midnight (HOL time).

In Gryffindor, professors are taking on each other's subjects in Career Change. If you want to see how Gilderoy Lockhart gets on teaching History of Magic (al Me) then you should definitely stop by The Den. Partaking in the January Roleplay Scenario will also add to your rubies before they are totaled for the end of term awards. 'Legends and Folklore' is the Paw Print theme. Submissions will be taken until January 24th.

Water will be featured in Wonders of the World for January. Hufflepuff also invites everyone to check out the Department of Huffle Games and Sports and Creative Club for even more opportunities to earn diamonds. There may also be diamonds to be gathered by The Fireplace!

After spending a warm December in the sand, the weather isn't looking good for January in Ravenclaw! Be prepared for lots and lots of snow (for all HOL'ers) in the Roost! If you missed your chance to submit to the 'Reset' issue of Alte Sententiam, there will be another round of submissions for the upcoming February issue.

The Silver Snake Exchange is coming up! Stop by #silversnake tomorrow, January 2nd, at 9pm HOL time to see which gifts are most steal-worthy this year. Slytherin is extending the holidays to January 6th - You have until then to earn 'Tis the Season scales. Submissions for the 'Secrets' edition of SerpenTimes are due by January 15th. Then, don't be late for the third Winter Fling in Wonderland!

You have until January 10th to reach your pledges for the Winter Reading Challenge! This is also a good time to tackle some of the other prompts in the Book Club. New for January - Try to figure out the Beginnings & Endings posted each week!

The Library and Art Departments have projects open to voting through January 14th. Be on the lookout for new projects!

HOLLERS continues to offer Monthly Challenges as well as creative tasks in the Creative Outlet. If you have any memories that you'd like to preserve, share them in The Scrapbook!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year!

Thanks to Sky, Ivey, Tarma, Kendra, Torii, Gail, and Emily for newsletter tidbits!

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