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December Newsletter

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December 2020 HOLLERS Newsletter

House Cup Standings
As of 11:59 PM HOL on November 30, 2020, the House Cup standings are as below. Remember that there are plenty of of points to be rewarded over the remainder of the Fall Term!

House News
Below are the exciting things planned in each House for December! As always, remember that each House's common room must be signed up separately from the main HOL forums. You can sign up for every House's forum, not just your own! A few of the other Houses' secrets may be hidden from you, but that doesn't mean you can't still have fun there!

Gryffindor has decided to help out with the winter rush by visiting the Hogsmeade Post Office; the entire school is invited! And keep posted in the role play forums for a seasonally appropriate roleplaying challenge!

In Slytherin, December traditionally means the Silver Snake Exchange! To take part, message your gift to Arianna Stonewater by December 24. But that's not all: there will be a month-long activity called "'Tis the Season" starting on December 6 in the Dungeons! And while you're down there, feel free to submit to the SerpenTimes by January 15; the theme will be "Secrets". As always, everyone is invited to play games in the Slytherin Arcade - and new Slytherins can find their Slytherin Sidekick in the dungeons!

For those who want to get away from the cold, Ravenclaw will be hosting an activity called Winter In the Sand! The entire school will be invited to go on a vacation to the beach, away from the stresses of the holidays.

Hufflepuff will be celebrating the season by inviting the school to Huffle HOLidays; look for the forum "Sleigh Ride" in the Sett to help Wilbur in organizing the HOLidays parties in the Sett! And keep your eyes pealed for another Monthly Fireside Game to play (the clue: "no one can guess what it will be"), as well as a few new challenges in the Department of Huffle Games and Sports. Finally, the Wizarding Times is looking for more people to write; click here for details!

News From Around HOL

Check out the HOL Calendar to see what's going on in the school as a whole. If you have questions about when Term begins and ends, or other items of general interest, that is a source of information to be aware of.

Book Club
This month, the Book Club is hosting a few new activities: the Book Trivia Game (which will be 'holiday'-themed), Finish the Quote, and the Winter Reading Challenge. If you are wanting more to do, you can visit Quill and Ink, Ink Splatters and Between the Pages and find some fun in there.

As always, in each new month, we post 3 new puzzles in our Monthly Challenges. Check out the Creative Outlet section of the HOLLERS Forum, for both Writing Under Constraint and different options for you to be creative!

Remember too - you are welcome to participate and post in The Scrapbook. We've a place for you to put your HOL Memories! Click to read more.

HOL Departments

The Art Department will be posting new prompts (which will be themed around winter and holidays) soon so stay tuned for some magical festive fun!

The Library Department also will be posting new prompts for December; stay tuned for the details!

Thanks to Ivey, Kendra, Mia, Scarlet, Sky, and Tarma for helping with this newsletter!

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