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March Newsletter

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March Newsletter!
~ ~ ~ Our second month of second term of school year 2019-2020 ~ ~ ~

Each month we will post the current House Point standings. Here are the current House Point standings, as of 20:14:40 1 March 2020 .
You can check out the current standings here.

Hi! Are you new to HOL Hogwarts? As one of the Heads of HOLLERS, Arianna Stonewater, has said before:
For those who don't know, HOLLERS is a fun club open to all the houses with something for everyone!! We have a points system called "HOOTS" which you can earn by completing activities! At the end of the month you can earn the aptly named "HOOT Award" by having the most HOOTS! Those who are particularly active in the HOLLERS Forums are eligible to win the "HOLLERS Award" which is given out with staff discretion; sometimes we give one out every month, sometimes a month or two is skipped!
Hollers News
Each month we post 3 new puzzles in our Monthly Challenges. Also, look for different prompts in Creative Outlet - both in the regular part of that subforum, as well as in Writing Under Constraint section!

House News

Gryffindor is doing a new March Quest. They're finishing up their Niffler activity right now and will probably spend most of March looking for any stray rubies .... They have discussions in the Fat Lady's Portrait and games in Peeves Place. Keep a look-out for their new edition of the Paw Print which should be coming out soon. Also - are you wanting to join GQT? Check into it! They want more team members.

Will Lestrange is wrapping up his Winter Fling and we will find out answers to difficult (and some not so difficult) puzzles and how many Scales we earned soon! Submissions for the next Serpentimes issue is March 15. Check out the Harry Potter Read-Along, the Puzzle Exchange and the Arcade Club if you are looking for something to do - and want to earn some Scales!

March is Ravenclaw Pride Month, so they are running an in-house activity in celebration. All Ravenclaw members should come partake in the fun! The latest Alte was just published, so there is a lot to read and puzzles to be done! Visit Ravenclaw's Debate Club. Folks from all Houses are welcome to come give their opinions.

First off - kudos to the code writers! Thank you, Cosmo, for re-writing and fixing the Sett so we have it again! She says she is looking at alternate colours and such, but hey, it's all updated and everything. \o/ Now that you can see it again, visit the Games Tent -- aka DoHGaS (Huffle Department of Games and Sports) and see what new opportunities to earn Diamonds are there for you! (Something new for March will be added soon.)

News From Around HOL

Check out the HOL Calendar. If you have questions about when Term begins and ends, when Quidditch starts or other items of general interest, that is a source of information to be aware of.

Book Club
Book Teasers has a highlight on Rick Riordan this month! Be sure to visit Quick Quotes and challenge yourself by finding something which fits the prompt! If you are wanting something to do, you can visit Quill and Ink and Ink Splatters and find some fun in there.

Remember too - you are welcome to participate and post in The Scrapbook. We've a place for you to put your HOL Memories! Click to read more.

HOL Departments

The Art Department has two Projects (Favorite Object and Magical Zoo) which just ended February 29th -- and the voting is open until the 14th of March. However, check it out regularly to see what new projects are presented!

The Library Department has four current projects - Muggle Manuals and If I Could Talk (which are due on March 31st / voting ends April 14) and Speech, Speech and My Undoing (which closed February 29 and voting ends March 14).

Quidditch - Will Lestrange writes: "The most recent Quidditch pick-up, held on February 23, had great turnout with all houses well-represented by players both new and old as well as quite a few fun explosions! And yes, the Lestrange-Malfoy blood feud still seems to be on.

The next pickup is on March 15 (10 PM HOL), but before that, the regular season will resume after the February break! The second half of the season will begin with Slytherin facing off against Hufflepuff on March 7 (9 PM HOL); Ravenclaw will play Gryffindor exactly one week later."

Click here - 2019-2020 Quidditch Pick-Ups Thread and Official Quidditch Schedule, 2019-2020 to read more.

Thank you Arianna, Iverian, Kendra, Sky and Will for the informations. :)
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