February Newsletter


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February Newsletter

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February Newsletter
~ ~ ~ Let the Spring Term begin! ~ ~ ~

These are the House Point standings at the start of the new term. You can always check out the most current standings here on the HOL Main Page.


House News
As a reminder, every common room must be signed up for separately from the main HOL Forums. Each house has their own points system, but you can earn House Points by submitting to their newspapers! You can join every common room, though you will only have full access to your own house's forums. There are still many fun things you can do when visiting others though:

Gryffindor is overrun with nifflers who have stolen all the rubies! They’ll need all of HOL's help to negotiate for their safe return and to tidy up the mess. The first tasks have been released and each week, three more will follow.

Slytherin is celebrating winter with their Winter Fling event. The deadline for all challenges is February 29th. Serpentimes is looking for contributions for their newspaper. The theme for the next issue is Focus. The deadline to send in submissions and earn some House Points is March 15th. The Harry Potter Read-Along is still going, they are reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Daily trivia and weekly tasks are posted. The Arcade Club has a new game challenge for you this month: Nibbler. The Puzzle Exchange is continuing as well.

A new issue of Ravenclaws Newsletter – Alte – will be coming out this month. Keep your eyes peeled, because there might just be something coming up in the Roost...

For the moment, the Hufflepuff Forum is getting some updates and is unavailable for now. As soon as the Sett is back up again, Hufflepuff will have its usual Challenges in the Games Tent with lots of opportunities to earn Diamonds!

News From Around HOL
A new term has started, which means Class Sign-ups are open! You can enlist in up to 5 classes. Good luck choosing :ph34r:

Book Club
The Book Club has a brand-new activity called Book Teasers! This month the spotlight is aimed at… a turtle with four elephants on its back that seem to be carrying a large flat disc?! Welcome to the Discworld series by Sir Terry Pratchett.
Quick Quotes has returned! A new prompt will be posted each week and every quote will earn you 10 beans. The prompts in Quill and Ink and Ink Splatters aim to help you get to grips with character development.
There might be something else coming up in the Book Club in February, so watch this space!

As always, in each new month, we post 3 new puzzles in our Monthly Challenges. Check out the Creative Outlet section of the HOLLERS Forum, for both Writing Under Constraint and different options for you to be creative!
Remember too - you are welcome to participate and post in The Scrapbook. We have a place for you to put your HOL Memories! Click to read more.

HOL Departments

The Art Department has two different projects going on: Magical Zoo and Favorite Object. You may still vote for the last project until February 15th.

The Library Department started the term with two fresh projects – Speech, Speech and My Undoing, which considers how the wizarding world might have changed if an HP character could undo one decision in their life. Voting on the last two projects is open until the 14th of February.

The regular Quidditch season continues in March, but Pickups continue all through the year. The next one will be on Sunday, February 23rd at 10 PM HOL-time! [ click for more information about Pickups. ] Anyone is welcome regardless of their skill or experience on a broom!

Thank you Arianna, Gail, Sky and Tarma for making this newsletter possible

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