January Newsletter


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January Newsletter

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Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed the holidays as you ease into the end of the Fall Term!

Each month we will post the current House Point standings. Since the term is almost at the end, the points are changing quite often! You can check out the current standings here on the HOL Main Page. As of 10:53pm HOL Time on Jan. 5 they are:

For those who don't know, HOLLERS is a fun club open to all the houses with something for everyone!! We have a points system called "HOOTS" which you can earn by completing activities! At the end of the month you can earn the aptly named "HOOT Award" by having the most HOOTS! Those who are particularly active in the HOLLERS Forums are eligible to win the "HOLLERS Award" which is given out with staff discretion; sometimes we give one out every month, sometimes a month or two is skipped!

Hollers News
With each new month, we will post 3 new puzzles in our Monthly Challenges and different prompts in the Creative Outlet sections of the HOLLERS Forum, including the new Writing Under Constraint section!

House News
As a reminder, every common room must be signed up for separately from the main HOL Forums. Each house has their own points system, but you can earn House Points by submitting to their newspapers! You can join every common room, though you will only have full access to your own house's forums. There are still many fun things you can do when visiting others though:

Ravenclaw is accepting items for the next issue of their house newspaper, The Alte Sententiam, from everyone soon, the theme is Dreams!! (See previous issues here!) Everyone is also invited to join their Debate Club!

Gryffindor is continuing their monthly "Gone Questing" activity with awards being given out at the end of the month!!! You can earn some gorgeous rubies (Gryffindor Points System!) The Paw Print just came out with a new issue, so be sure to check it out!

Hufflepuff's Department of Hufflepuff Games and Sports is up and running with some hard challenges and the chance to win some shiny diamonds (the Hufflepuff House points system)! If you stop by The Fireplace there are some cool games you can play like this HP Character Game or this Quidditch Team Game.

Slytherin is continuing with their read-a-long tasks and trivia; they've just started Chapter 19 of Book 6: "Elf Tails" and it's a great way to earn scales (Slytherin's house points system.) Everyone is welcome to wander the dungeons, so why not stop by the Puzzle Exchange or our Arcade Club? Don't forget to turn in your submissions for the next Serpentimes, due January 15! The theme is "Reflections." (See previous issues here) Finally, be on the lookout, our Winter Fling will be starting up in the next couple of weeks!

News From Around HOL

As the fall term winds down, the spring term will be starting up! Class Applications (to teach a class, not to take a class!) are currently open until January 20th. Spring term starts Feb. 1st! Most current classes have deadlines of Jan. 15 so make sure you get at least the minimum requirements in if you want to pass your classes and earn quills!

Quidditch season is underway, with the upcoming Slytherin vs. Gryffindor match on Saturday, January 11 at 9 PM HOL time and the Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff match on Saturday, January 18 at 9 PM HOL time! All Quaffle games are held on IRC in #Quidditch though if you want to cheer and shout things you'll need to be in #grandstand

Book Club
The Book Club is starting off the year strong! Their super-fun Flash Fiction is in it's last month for all you super short story writers! The Winter Reading Challenge is still going on, and don't forget their Celebrating World-Building with the Book Club, which ends this months!

The Library Department
The Library Department has two new projects available for you to earn house points, as well as two projects that you can vote on until Jan. 14!

The Art Department
The Art Department doesn't have any new projects yet, but you can still vote for their finished "House Elf Appreciation" project until Jan. 14!

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