Summer News and Awards


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Summer News and Awards

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Happy summer holidays HOL!

First and foremost, a big shoutout to all who earned house points this year! Your HoHs, Head Students, and Prefects are proud of you!! With a special mention of course to Ravenclaw, who beat out Slytherin by almost 9000 points!

Before I get to the news and awards, I'd like to thank my co-head Polaris Black and our assistants (Anna Snape, Maxim Trevelyan, Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, and Prof. Tarma Amelia Black) for all of their work this year. I hope you all have a great summer and come back refreshed for another year!

Now to Summer News!

HOLLERS staff is going on vacation, meaning no challenges or Creative Outlet tasks will be posted during the summer. Feel free to post in the Scrapbook section with your school memories!

Book Club
The Book Club is running their Summer Reading Challenge starting shortly where you will be able to pledge the amount of books you would like to read this summer. If you meet (OR EXCEED!!!) your goal, you win yourself a beautiful shiny award!

They're also continuing their monthly Trivia! The theme for July is books! Posted are some statements and/or facts about books or contained in books, and you get to match them up! Answers are due by 11:59pm, July 31st, HOL time, to earn some beans!

The Regular Quidditch season has ended with Slytherin claiming their sixth consecutive Quidditch Cup! You can check out the standings, as well as stats for previous matches, here! Now it's time to start the Summer Quidditch League, starting with the Snitch Tournament! This year's Snitch Tournament is designed to be more beginner-friendly than normal, and only those who have NOT caught a Snitch in a regular season game or an official playoff game are eligible for this tournament. The deadline has passed, but don't worry! If you didn't sign up for the tournament, you can still join any of the other activities at any time: the first forum activities are already posted, and the first Quaffle match (with modified rules) will be on July 6! An important change to SQL this year ("The Race for the Quods") is that there are NO FIXED TEAMS: people compete as individuals and form new teams with each Quaffle match or day of team IRC games!

The Library Department
If you want to get ahead for next year's points, check out the Library Department where they have TWO current projects available! After submitting your project, don't forget to vote for the others! Submissions are due July 31 and each project is worth up to 20points!

Gryffindor's Paw Print has just come out with a new issue! When you're done reading that, you can head to the Den to play Exploding Snap starting on July 8th [link soon!]. Everyone is invited and all tasks are due at the end, mid-August.

Hufflepuff will be taking a bit of a break after all the fun Mandala coloring, but they will still have their challenges in the Department of Hufflepuff Games and Sports during the summer!

Visit the Roost for their summer game, GUESS WHO! All are welcome; the game runs for 4 weeks. It's too late to sign up to play for Week 1, but you can still sign up this week to play Week 2!

Slytherin's Heroes Vs Villains just ended! To Quote Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, "After five weeks of intense battling, the Villains were able to overtake the Heroes and gain control of the Emerald Cup by a mere 4 emerald shards!" They'll be taking some time to rest, but in the meantime, you can read the new edition of The Serpentimes!

Special thanks to Gail Allen, Sky Alton, Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, and Will Lestrange for the updates!

Now onto something equally as exciting... HOLLERS Awards!

HOLLERS members earn Hoots for participating in club activities. For each activity, challenge, or something of the kind, Hoots are offered. We keep track of Hoots in a spreadsheet and at the end of each term, the top three earners win the Hoot Award.
I am happy to announce first the winners of Hoot Award for Fall Term…

Third place with 444 Hoots goes to Vanessa Tilley!
Second place with 535 Hoots goes to Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis!
First place with 850 Hoots goes to Arianna Stonewater!

Now for our Spring Term winners… TBA once the June HOOTS are in :D

Third place with 185 Hoots goes to Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis!
Second place with 195 Hoots goes to Iverian Gnash!
First place with 220 Hoots goes to Prof. Tarma Amelia Black!

In addition to the HOOTS award, HOLLERS offers an aptly named HOLLERS Award to those who are particularly active participants.

For the Fall Term:
Shadow Gaunt, Amaryllis Storm, and Vanessa Tilley

Spring Term:
Astor Arensin, Iverian Gnash, and Will Lestrange

Finally, we'd like to give a HOLLERS award to our newest Assistant, Anna Snape! She stepped right in with us and really beefed up our monthly challenges with some new puzzles ("fun" and "evil" have also been tossed around as adjectives for them!) and to Maxim Trevelyan, who single-handedly ran the Creative Outlet each month while also keeping track of everyone's HOOTS!

Congratulations to all award winners and HOLLERS staff for an amazing year!
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Re: Summer News and Awards

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Great job coming up with so many creative prompts every month, Maxim! Thank you Anna for introducing us to crazy new puzzles! It's awesome to see a large variety of names... Congratulations to all HOLLERS award winners!
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Re: Summer News and Awards

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Yeah! I loved the new puzzles :)

Hey.... do you guys hear that? It sounds li---
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Re: Summer News and Awards

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Hear what??

*Transforms Arianna into a suitcase*
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