April Newsletter


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April Newsletter

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April Newsletter

Here are the current point standings. Don't despair, there's still time to earn more!


House News
As a reminder, every common room must be signed up for separately from the main HOL Forums. You can join every common room, though you will only have full access to your own house's forums. There are still many fun things you can do when visiting others though:

Gryffindor is dealing with some magical creature mayhem with the chance to get heroic, have fun and earn rubies! All of HOL is invited!

As always, Hufflepuff has the Department of Huffle Games and Sports (aka DoHGaS aka Games Tent) for all of HOL to enjoy. Hufflepuff has also extended Jig It through the first week of April, so that people can finish up the puzzles for Weeks 1 - 4 as well as do the Extra, Extra, Extra addition! You can read here to see what weeks you've done, and what still needs doing.

The deadline for submissions for the 'Letters' issue of Alte is coming up! Make sure to send all submissions by the 14th of April.

In the Dungeons, the Order of the Phoenix Read-Along is still going on with tasks and trivia. They're also still running the Puzzle Exchange, the Gobstones Club and the Arcade club where you can enjoy different things to do and earn Scales at the same time. Anyone can join in at any time. If you haven't already, don't forget to check out the newest Serpentimes issue!

News From Around HOL

Get creative and brainy with a new HOL-wide activity this month: Story Book! There are House Points, Beans and Awards to be earned, so don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Book Club
The book club will be reading Od Magic by Patricia McKillip. Also, they have a new activity! It's the Book Trivia Game! Come join in the fun here. Remember, the Book Club is still doing Reading Treasure Map, along with Quill and Ink and Ink Splatters prompts and Quick Quotes.

Stay tuned here to find out when this month's session of Gatherings and Games will take place!

Keep your eyes peeled! Something may well be happening soon in the Library Department...

There are two House Quidditch games scheduled in April. One is April 6, Slytherin versus Gryffindor and another is April 13, Ravenclaw versus Hufflepuff. Quidditch Pick-ups continue, anyone and everyone is invited to attend. The next one is Sunday, April 7 at 10:30 PM HOL time.

Each new month, we post 3 new puzzles in our Monthly Challenges and different prompts in the Creative Outlet sections of the HOLLERS Forum!

You are welcome to participate and post in The Scrapbook. We've a place for you to put your HOL Memories! Click to read more.

*Special thanks to Arianna, Tarma, Sky and Gail for making this newsletter possible!*

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