October Newsletter

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October Newsletter

Post by Maxim Trevelyan » Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:28 pm

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the first HOLLERS Newsletter of the new school year. Current points stand with Ravenclaw in the first place, Slytherin second, Gryffindor in third and Hufflepuff bringing in the rear. However, hourglasses change daily, the school year has just begun and nothing is lost, or won, yet.

October has just started and we already have new challenges coming in over at HOLLERS forum. Tarma has posted a deliciously evil Magic Horse 2048, Arianna has a mysterious cryptogram and I offer beans as well in this Halloween Candy jigsaw.

Creative Outlet posted new challenges for those with an artistic flair. For Hoots and beans, you can color in a page for Halloween, post a poem about your favorite word in the Dictionary or make a greeting card. There is also an opportunity for awards if you complete any Inspirational Categories. We accept stories and graphics, old and new!

Other HOL news include a brand new activity! In one of the roomier dungeons, Sir Nicholas' 525th Deathday party is taking place. First tasks have already been posted, so get dead, get dressed and earn some points! HOL Book Club started with a new monthly book discussion, this time, they are reading Lord of the Rings.

Arts Department has just finished hosting September projects, but the voting is still opened! So, go on there and vote in Year Goals and What's in my Trunk? Library Department is still under construction, but students and staff alike are encouraged to post chapters for Book Writing Project.

Now for some House news.

Gryffindor has a busy October on hand with two exciting happenings: the relaunch of The Paw Print and their annual Gryfftoberfest celebrations. They just finished renaming all the sections for the Paw Print (you can see the incredible finalists and runners up in the Common Room or on the main HOL forum) and now they get to put them to use as submissions have opened for a late October issue! Gryfftoberfest will be a little different this year as HOL Groundskeeper and Deputy Head of House Prof. Dario, has decided to celebrate Gryffindor’s zest for adventure by leading an expedition into The Forbidden Forest. Keep your eyes on the Gryffindor's Common Room for details and the odd falling branch.

The Sett is bustling with busy badgers, and it seems like they have Huffleween happening soon. Wizarding Times new issue has just come out a few days ago, and they will be soon accepting submission for the next one. We certainly need our eyes peeled on that Common Room.

Ravenclaw will soon be issuing a new edition of Alte Sententiam, their house paper, whose theme had been trains. It will be certainly interesting to read this one. A new spooky activity will be taking place in The Roost, named Miss Grimwood’s Finishing School for Girls. Debate Club will be starting soon, so any HOLer with an inquisitive mind, ready for battle of the wits and arguments is welcomed to join.

Slytherin recently started up with their Harry Potter Read-Along again, this time about Goblet of Fire. Join them for some trivia, writing and creative fun. October also means Slyth-o-ween. They will be celebrating their annual tradition in style. Last, but not least, the deadline for the SerpenTimes is coming up on 15 October. They welcome submissions of all kinds.

This is it, but new things are constantly happening, and HOLLERS will be keeping you updated. A very special thanks to Sky Alton, Prof. Rorey Padfoot, Gail Allen and Prof. Amy Lupin for information about their respective houses. You rock!

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