The Poetry Pavilion (Sharing Space)

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The Poetry Pavilion (Sharing Space)

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Lit from within,
Square, jewel-like:
Gold-red pillars
On the dark grass
Inside, they sit,
On thick, rich rugs
They versify
And share their art.

Welcome to the Poetry Pavilion! This is your space to share any poems or lyrics you might have been working on. Sonnets about love, free-form poems about the ups and downs of life or even limericks about Russian history, anything is welcome! (I really did have to write limericks about Russian history once…I don’t advise it). Whether you’ve taken a poetry writing class here on HOL (or elsewhere) or just write it for yourself, we’d love to see some.

Before you get sharing, please remember to keep everything HOL-appropriate and to keep any comments you make about other people’s work constructive and respectful. Everyone should feel comfortable to post here (and besides, you don’t want to end up with an albatross around your neck).

That’s it, get lyricising!

While you’re here, pay a visit to our other sharing spaces, the Story Circle and Fan Fic Fair.
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