The Fan Fic Fair (Sharing Space)

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The Fan Fic Fair (Sharing Space)

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A lush, sunlit meadow is dotted with many brightly decorated stalls. One nearby is offering a special deal on ‘Second Breakfasts’ and the one next to it appears to be selling odd confectionary like Chocolate Frogs. As you walk on, you see one bristling with fancy weaponry: ethereal, translucent blades, very modern looking bows with rifle sights and a magnificent sword labelled Excalibur. You hear a tinkling from a vast array of glass flowers spread on a table before a brightly painted caravan. A less musical jingle comes from a tiny bell on the collar of a white cat who’s sneakily eyeing up a plate of candied sea urchins (he appears to be pointedly ignoring the closer pile of vegan rhino cutlet). A man in a deer stalker hat strides passed you and nearly collides with a tall blue box labelled ‘Police’. In hot pursuit of him comes an armoured woman carrying a red shield marked with a gold lioness. In the sky overhead, dragons, winged horses and other creatures dive and turn.

Welcome to the Fan Fic Fair! This is your space to share fan fiction of any description. Fan fic is any story you write using elements from someone else’s fictional universe. Any fictional universe is welcome (though if you can guess all of the ones I referenced in the paragraph above, I’ll buy you a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster). Whether you want to post your short one shots or snippets from a longer story: this is the place.

Before you start exploring, the fair has a few rules to remember:
1. Keep it HOL-appropriate.
2. Remember to credit the original author of the work(s) you're writing about.
3. If you want to comment on someone else’s work, be respectful and constructive. Always remember that someone’s view of a book/series/film might not be yours but it’s just as valid.
4. Keep off the Dirigible Plums

That’s it, go have fun!

While you’re here, pay a visit to our other sharing spaces, the Story Circle and Poetry Pavilion.
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