Book review - Silver Lies

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Book review - Silver Lies

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Title: Silver Lies
Author: Willa
Genre: dystopian, romance
Rating: 3/5
Category: self published, first in series
Age rating: 13+
Warnings: imagery of abuse
America went through a rough patch after a virus wipes out most of the blondes in the land and a kingdom is formed, where blondes are rare, except in a town called Hope. But Ash is not in Hope and she hates the colour of her hair. Desperate to keep it a secret, Ash tries to live with her foster parents in peace, but with secrets all around and blonde strangers catching her eye, she can’t help but trust her childhood friend, Diesel. But is trusting him the right thing to do when he sees her as more than a friend?

Comments + opinion:
It is a typical case of lovely plot but poor execution. It was nevertheless enjoyable, and took a very long time to get to the juice of the story, but the ending was worth the grueling read. The one thing that puzzles me is the hyperfixation on blondes in the book, I still don’t understand yet what is the reason the virus wiped the majority of them out or why they’re wanted so much or how they’re able to camouflage so good that even bounty hunters struggle to find them or how they manage to recognise other blondes (I personally feel they have super powers) but I do hope that further books in the series are able clarify that for me. I feel like the subplot of the whole kingdom wanting blondes was ignored for most of the book and I really hope we get down and dirty into the history behind it soon.
- Viviana Kingston
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