Book review - Chasing River

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Book review - Chasing River

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Title: Chasing River
Author: MC Sarkala
Genre: Romance
Rating: 1/5
Category: self published, standalone
Age rating: 13+
Warnings: poor editing, mild cursing, closed door romance
Armani is the good girl, perfect grades and a perfect life but everything changes when she steps into a prestigious art school in France. She makes friends, but they’re keeping secrets and she falls in love with someone and begins a relationship with someone when her parents warned her not to. Things are much more than meets the eye.

Comments + opinion:
I saw this book on the author’s social media and thought it was a good read but her marketing was very misleading. I was very disappointed. The book is poorly edited, the beginning is fast paced then it slows down tremendously, it has a mystery that isn’t properly mentioned and to make it worse, I saw reviews mentioning that the book was initially on Wattpad which probably meant it didn’t go through series of reviewing that most Wattpad published books do. The genre and troupes were misleading too. There’s no rivals to lovers or any dark academia. The good part was the poetic imagery she puts, but they’re overused and used in cases that aren’t relevant. And I don’t want to mention the character intentions. The main character often got on my nerves for knowing what she did was something she shouldn’t but she did it anyways.
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