Book review - An Ocean of Stars

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Book review - An Ocean of Stars

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Title: An Ocean of Stars
Author: Becca Mionis
Genre: dystopian, science fiction
Rating: 5/5
Category: self-published, first in series
Age rating: 13+
Warnings: betrayal and secrets
Xanorra set out to make history in her space colony, by venturing where no one has ever gone - the other side of a black hole. But once there, she’s separated from all she holds dear and finds herself stuck with a teenage space captain who’s never met another human in his life before! As they form an uncanny alliance, they’re set to discover more than just what they mean to each other.

Comments + opinion:
This book has me scared of robots now. Why? I cannot explain it without spoiling it but it’s such an irony because that’s my RL major. But the story is amazing. It really shows how people thrive around others and some really wild science theories that I’d love to be proven true. It’s an intricate story of how you shouldn’t rely on everything you’re told, what it means to be human and the oddities of space. I really enjoyed this one. Xanorra got annoyed often and so easily that it had me in stitches.
- Viviana Kingston
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