Books vs. Movies?

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Alexander Brighton
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Books vs. Movies?

Post by Alexander Brighton »

What do you prefer, books or movies?
For me, there are certain books that I prefer, but for the most part, it's movies because I can see the scenes happening right in front of me. As long as the acting is good and it has good effects for the action parts.
Adaleine Shuster
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Re: Books vs. Movies?

Post by Adaleine Shuster »

I think it depends on the book and the movie. Certain books were a lot better than the movies. Some movies were better than the books (that doesn't happen often, but I've seen it a few times). In general I think I prefer books. I don't have to read all of a book at once. I don't have to watch a movie all at once, but usually I do. When I'm reading books I feel like I get more of the story. Movies sometimes leave things out, such as Peeves in Harry Potter.
Lora Wallabenger
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Re: Books vs. Movies?

Post by Lora Wallabenger »

I prefer books over movies. I always find books much more interesting than some of the movies looking at how much more you can get about the actual real story. I'm not saying movies are not good because some of the movies are really good but some of the movies turn the whole real story upside down. For me reading the book allow me to make my little own world in their world :)
Elvira Livson
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Re: Books vs. Movies?

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I prefer books, because I like to imagine the world in the book unlimited by a film, in which are shown all the places and persons. :) I also like to read books about computers. But I like videos about it from a special youtube channel more than books about computers and programming.
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