Where Do You Live?

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Hiya Debnath
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by Hiya Debnath »

Hii everyone,
I live in India. : )
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Louis Walles
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by Louis Walles »

I don't remember if I had posted here already so :)

I am from England but I was born in Poland.
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Dibyarup James Potter
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by Dibyarup James Potter »

I am from India!! ^_^
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Harry Walles
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by Harry Walles »

Can't remember if I had posted in here before so here it is :D

I live in England, United Kingdom.
Winter Silverthorn
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by Winter Silverthorn »

Hello, I'm from the southern US, though I would love to move abroad in the near future!
Adrienne Pryde
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by Adrienne Pryde »

I live in South Carolina, USA. Nice meeting everyone!
Ivy Grey
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by Ivy Grey »

Hi Everyone!

I am from India, but I currently live in UAE ( United Arab Emirates )

I have been reading through the replies to this topic and it's so cool that so many different people from different countries are here! HOL is honestly a fun platform and it's awesome that there are Harry Potter fans all around the globe.

I hope I'll be seeing y'all around! Adios! :)

Ivy Grey
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Emily Spencer
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by Emily Spencer »

I'm not sure if I posted here already so...

Originally from Texas, lived briefly in South Carolina, and now a 7 year resident of Kentucky, USA.
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