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Maeve Madden
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Zodiac Signs

Post by Maeve Madden »

Seeing as how we're in Taurus season (and the best season, in my totally unbiased opinion... JK :P I'm a very proud and unapologetic Taurus), I thought it would be interested to talk about Zodiac signs!

Do you identify with your zodiac sign? What traits do you exhibit? Or, is there a sign that better fits you? How come?

As a Taurus, I am incredibly stubborn and tend to love material things, but I am also down to earth and honest.
Prof. Will Lestrange
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Re: Zodiac Signs

Post by Prof. Will Lestrange »

My OOC birthday is only a few days before yours! But... it's interesting - my chart is Scorpio dominant (Pluto very tightly conjunct with my ascendant, joining Mars and Saturn in the first house) and traits such as stubbornness are shared by Taurus and Scorpio - I've said I am "too stubborn for a single fixed sign" after all!

Apparently Tauruses are supposed to be lazy and procrastinators too... not me at all... but the love of creature comforts in addition to stubbornness does fit (think "more Horace Slughorn than Homer Simpson").

So I'd say "it's more complicated than where your sun lies, astrologically speaking"... though I chose a different in-character birthday (11.11.01) for a reason! Never mind that the generation my character has to be to graduate Hogwarts in 2020 messes up the rest of his chart...
Adeline Morior
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Re: Zodiac Signs

Post by Adeline Morior »

I am a Pisces and I agree with it. A lot about a Pisces are told to be overemotional, erratic etc. The thing is a Pisces is the twelfth house so they share traits of all the houses before them. I use to be very emotional when I was a younger Pisces, wearing my heart on my sleeve but I have grown into my Taurus Moon rising giving me more stability and grounding me more. Becoming more down to Earth and honest appose to emotional games a young Pisces can play. I still agree and love my sign as it flows and adapts easily towards others and situations. Giving me access to a lot of creativity and love.

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