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All matches are originally scheduled for Saturdays, 9:00pm HOL time (GMT = 4:00pm US EST). The preliminary schedule for all 12 matches and the tie-breaker (if needed) is available in the HOL Forum and in the Quidditch Department.

Rescheduling a Match
All matches can be rescheduled if needed to any date/time. If one team wants to reschedule, the team captain has to contact the captain of the other team and negotiate a new day and time for the match - this should occur in the QB/QC forum, Banana Cupcakes.

At least 1 week in advance of the original match date, both teams must have agreed to reschedule and have narrowed the new date down to three (or less) dates/times within the half season (Quidditch halves run November-February and March-June). If there is no rescheduling notice from both captains one week in advance, the match will be played on the originally scheduled day.

Rescheduling Snitch
The only time a snitch can be rescheduled is if at the time of the snitch there is an error in the puzzle or a ref or QB error. In these cases, the Quaffle game will be 75 minutes long (plus a 3 minute break 45 minutes in).

If instead a team chooses to forfeit Snitch, the Quaffle game will be 60 minutes long (plus a 3 minute break in the middle). The opposing team is given 50 points (the value of the Snitch). Snitch can only be forfeited if 4 or less players are playing in the Quaffle, otherwise one of the players must seek.

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