Other Quidditch Events

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Other Quidditch Events

Post by Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis » Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:27 pm

The Flobberworms is the HOL faculty team. Every professor and other staff member is welcome on the team. Occasionally one of the house teams or a mix of all houses will challenge the Flobberworms to a match.

Summer Quidditch League
A popular summer pastime, the Summer Quidditch League (SQL) is an open, no experience necessary opportunity for HOLers to enjoy the marvelous game that is Quidditch. Though the specific rules vary from year to year, game play is much like a regular season Quidditch match, and the rules are almost identical. SQL isn't a guaranteed activity every summer; like other HOL activities, it has to be approved by the staff. As summer approaches, keep an eye on the Quidditch Talk forum for any news about the Summer Quidditch League.

NAPs, or Not Another Pickups, are weekly pickup games during the HOL Quidditch season that are open to members of all houses regardless of their Quidditch background. It is a casual environment, aimed to allow people to learn about Quidditch and mingle with members of all houses.

Quidditch Olympics
To fill the time between the end of SQL and the beginning of HOL Quidditch season, the Quidditch Olympics were created. Each week is dedicated to one of the Wizarding world’s favorite broomstick games - including Quidditch, Creaothceann, and Aingingein - as well as a few new and exciting games - like Team Seeking and Cascade.

Occasionally, other tournaments, including 1v1 and Seeking, are held during the year.

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