Fall 2017 Introductions

Class led by Shiloh Adlar
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Shiloh Adlar
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Fall 2017 Introductions

Post by Shiloh Adlar » Sat Sep 02, 2017 12:02 am

If you choose to complete the Introduction portion of your first assignment (worth 10 points), also include the following information.

1. Why did you choose to take this class?
2. What are you hoping to learn during the course of the term?
3. Did you have any knowledge of Greek mythology before signing up?
4. What about myths of other cultures such as Roman, Norse or Japanese?
5. What is your opinion on the color pink?

Welcome everyone! I am Shiloh Adlar, sixth year Ravenclaw, and I am your student teacher for this course. On HOL, I am Co-Captain of RQT, a Ravenclaw Prefect, student teacher for Quidditch - The Wizarding Way and Muggle Studies for Beginners, and I also currently assist Flying, Care of Magical Creatures, and Kennilworthy's Kitchen. In RL, I am in my second year of college studying Biochemistry and Cell Biology along with Policy Studies. I had originally wanted to major or minor in Classical Studies as I loved the classes I took in high school that allowed me to learn about ancient Greece and Rome but changed my course of direction when I decided I wanted to get my Masters of Public Health. I began making comparisons between Greek myth and the Harry Potter universe a few years ago, but I had never dived head first into it until recently. Researching for this class really allowed me to explore the area, and I hope you will find it as intriguing as I have.
Shiloh Adlar, Seventh Year
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Anna Snape
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Re: Fall 2017 Introductions

Post by Anna Snape » Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:06 pm

Hi all! My name is Anna Snape, I'm a proud Slytherin second year and currently taking 5 classes: Mathematics: Arithmancy the muggle way, Occlumency, Apparition license class, Norse myths and legends and of course Magical Greek mythology. 

I have always been interested in Roman and Greek mythology and after studying Latin for six years in high school, I know quite a lot about both. There is still a wide variety of myths I don't know or forgot about, so I hope I will learn some new things in this class. I also read pretty much all the books of Rick Riordan, so I have some knowledge of Egyptian and Norse gods too. I'm taking the class Norse myths and legends, so by the end of the year I should know a lot more about that. As for the color pink, I absolutely hate it. It doesn't match green...
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Prof. Rorey Padfoot
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Re: Fall 2017 Introductions

Post by Prof. Rorey Padfoot » Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:46 am

Hello. I'm Prof. Rorey Padfoot. I've been at HOL and a proud Hufflepuff for 13 years now and have enjoyed every minute. This term I'm taking this class, Apparition License Class, Career Advice: Planning for your Future (with the ever lovely Gus <3) Magical Maladies, and Occulmency. Fun fact: I'm technically a Ravenpuff and I have a Eagle costume that allows me to access to the Roost whenever I want it. :)

I chose this class, because I love Greek Mythology and I feel like I have taken the course every time it has been offered here at HOL. I love seeing all the different versions. From this class I'm hoping to have a lot of fun and I'm open to learning anything I don't already know. :D :huh: Like I stated above, I have taken several classes on the subject and I've read all the Percy Jackson books (which totally counts right?)

As far as Roman mythology (I've read most of the Heroes of Olympus series, which throws in some Roman mythology as well as Greek), but no Japanese mythology at all. And Thor is Norse, which about covers my knowledge on that mythology as well.

And as for pink <_< I MUCH prefer purple!
~Prof. Rorey Padfoot~*~Ravenclaw~
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Medea de Troja
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Re: Fall 2017 Introductions

Post by Medea de Troja » Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:01 pm

Hello friends!

My name is Medea de Troja, and I am a third year Ravenclaw who has been on HOL for about half a decade. :D
Currently, I am taking 5 classes: this Greek Mythology class, Ancient Civilizations, Sign Language, The Her in Hero and a Treasure Hunt class.
In real life, I am a struggling second year medical student from South Africa who is desperately hoping to pass both this year and HOL (pls pray for me friends). I spend most of my free time sharing memes on social media and crying that I do not have enough time to study while stuffing my face with cookies and other miscellaneous snacks.

Annnnd now for the questions :

1) I chose to take this class because firstly I have been obsessed with Greek mythology since I was about 12 and secondly, I ran my own Greek Mythology 101 class for one term back in the day and wanted to have te experience of taking a Greek myth class instead of running one. I also enjoyed that the syllabus seems to cover things that I hadn't in my class and that these were things I often forgot in my perusal of the mythology.

2) I'm hoping to learn a lot about mythology structure as a whole, with some fun, obscure myths thrown in because the obscure kind are always my favourite. I also look forward to doing ALL THE CREATIVE TASKS as an excuse to get back to writing, another hobby of mine.

3) Yes, I have been a scholar of Greek myth since I was 12 and then even more so after the Percy Jackson classes.

4) My first mythological love was Egyptian myth, and over the years, I have explored Norse myth in a class on HOL too as well as Roman myth alongside the Greek.

5) I am really into the new pale pastel almost dirty pink that is highly on trend at the moment because it is so pretty and aaaaahhhhhhh, however, if you asked this question to childhood me who had only disdain for things like pink being forced on her because she was a girl, you would have been met with nothing but pure, unadulterated disgust.
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Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
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Re: Fall 2017 Introductions

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:29 am

1. Why did you choose to take this class? *** I have a delight in studying history of all kinds. I think there is a lot of what is true in so-called mythology and I'm especially interested in Greek Mythology.
2. What are you hoping to learn during the course of the term? *** More stuff! I already am enjoying your viewpoint of The Kindly Ones (which is quite different from other things I've read about them).
3. Did you have any knowledge of Greek mythology before signing up? *** Some. A little. Maybe more than a little.
4. What about myths of other cultures such as Roman, Norse or Japanese? *** Some of the Roman (which were basically taken from the Greek but given different names and sometimes different and/or additional attributes). Some of the Norse. Very little of the Japanese. Some of Indian ... different kinds of Indian peoples on the North American continent. Some of the Middle America peoples and some of the South American peoples. Some of Australia.
5. What is your opinion on the color pink? *** Pink is SUCH an AWESOME colour. I can't believe I have NO clothes of PINK at ALL. SUCH SADNESS.

Oh, my name is Tarma. I'm a Professor here at HOL Hogwarts. I joined December 2003, was a student for seven (6 and a half) years, graduated and became a Professor. I'm taking other classes -- The Her in Hero, Care of Magical Pets, Survival and Magic in Famous Mysteries. ... and I wear a lot of black.
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Vanessa Tilley
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Re: Fall 2017 Introductions

Post by Vanessa Tilley » Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:48 pm

Hello everyone! I am Vanessa and I am a first year Ravenclaw and I am so excited to be a part of this class.

I chose to take this course because I LOVE any and everything mythological. While other girls my age were reading fairy tales, I was reading Greek myths. I was never one for damsels in distress needing a man to save her. I was more interested in the Greek world of vengeance.

I am looking forward to gaining more perspective and insight into the world of Greek mythology. No matter how many times you read them, like the Odyssey, you still learn new things or pick up on something you didn't see the first time you read it.

So, as you can tell, I do have knowledge of Greek mythology. I even graduated with a minor in Classical Studies in college.

I have studied other cultures and I have a background in Roman and Egyptian mythology as well. I am working on Norse mythology this year as well with the lovely Professor Rachel Selenia.

Sadly, I HATE the color pink. I was never very girly and have always been an odd one. Give me the color blue any day. :)

I look forward to a great class with all of you and help everyone has a great time!

Siggy and avatar made by the wonderful Professor Scarlet for Slythmas! :wub:
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Celestia Varo
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Re: Fall 2017 Introductions

Post by Celestia Varo » Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:15 am

Hello! I'm Celestia Varo, nice to meet you all! :D I'm a Ravenclaw first year. The classes I'm taking (or at least hope to take) are Ancient Civilizations, Languages 101, Magical Creatures Lore 1, Norse Myths and Legends, and, of course, this wonderful class. I have a wide array of interests, and I would like to learn as much as I can! Thank you for accepting me as a student!

1. Why did you choose to take this class? I took this class because I adore Greek mythology! It's simply fascinating to me.
2. What are you hoping to learn during the course of the term? Anything! I know that sounds broad, but anything new I learn counts as an accomplishment to me.
3. Did you have any knowledge of Greek mythology before signing up? Yes, I spent many of my earlier years poring over the ancient myths.
4. What about myths of other cultures such as Roman, Norse or Japanese? I am also quite the avid gamer, and SMITE is on my list of things I play. That being said (and being a nerd who actually reads the lore pages) I've grown quite a garden of mythological knowledge, varying from Japanese, to Norse, to Mayan, to Hindu, as well as others. I've also studied many other cultures mythologies on my own as well. Curse this insatiable curiosity.
5. What is your opinion on the color pink? I don't look good in pink, but it is quite an appealing color to look at.
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Siobhan Sullivan
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Re: Fall 2017 Introductions

Post by Siobhan Sullivan » Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:40 pm

Hello All!

My name is Siobhan and I'm a Ravenclaw 2nd year. I've been on HOL for 3 years (sadly, rl got in the way of my important studies here, so I couldn't go on to my 3rd year). I'm currently enrolled in 5 classes and am enjoying all of them!

1. Why did you choose to take this class? I chose to take this class because for quite some time now, I've independently studied Greek Mythology (along with other cultures' myths) and have a real love for history and the myths that are created from experiences and trying to explain different phenomena.
2. What are you hoping to learn during the course of the term? I'm hoping to learn something that I didn't come across in my own studies.
3. Did you have any knowledge of Greek mythology before signing up? Yes. See #1. :D
4. What about myths of other cultures such as Roman, Norse or Japanese? Yes. See #1. :D I've read some about Norse and less about Japanese. Generally, I enjoy most mythology.
5. What is your opinion on the color pink? Though I look decent in pink, it's not my favorite color ever. I'm not overly fond of anything on that side of the spectrum.
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Brian Stavrum
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Re: Fall 2017 Introductions

Post by Brian Stavrum » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:48 pm

My Name is Brian Stavrum. I am a 39 year old Ravenclaw, from Minnesota. I have had some personal issues in the past couple of years that had caused me to repeat the 3rd year three times before I finally graduated to 4th year. I am taking 2 classes this team. I choose this cause I like reading about Greek Mythology. I do have some knowledge of Greek Mythology from other classes I've taken. I am just hoping to refresh my memory on some of the stories. I have taken a class here at Hogwarts on Norse Mythology and that was really cool. Pink is not my favorite color, but its ok as long as it's like a pale or pastel hue and not a vibrant neon shade. I prefer blue and bronze myself.
Zach Jameson
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Re: Fall 2017 Introductions

Post by Zach Jameson » Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:25 am

Hi guys!

My name is Zach Jameson. I am a 2nd year Gryffindor here at HOL. (I actually had a old profile here but real life issues made me step away). I am enrolled in the maximum amount of classes and have enjoyed of the lessons so far!

1) Why did you choose to take this class? I have always loved Greek mythology and was looking forward to see what you were going to teach about it.l
2) What are you hoping to learn during the course of the term?? I hope to learn about greek mythology and discover things I may have not known
3) Did you have any knowledge of Greek mythology before class? Yes. I have read the Percy Jackson series, but always been interesting in any mythology
4) What about myths of of other cultures? I know Roman, Egyptian. I hope to learn about some Native cultures, Norse, Japanese and Chinese.
5) What is your opinion on the color pink? Why you ask? Its an okay color. I am not picky but I rather go with my blues.

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