Spring 2016 Introductions

Class led by Shiloh Adlar
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Shiloh Adlar
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Spring 2016 Introductions

Post by Shiloh Adlar » Fri Feb 12, 2016 12:47 am

If you choose to complete the Introduction portion of your first assignment (worth 10 points), also include the following information.

1. Why did you choose to take this class?
2. What are you hoping to learn during the course of the term?
3. Did you have any knowledge of Greek mythology before signing up?
4. What about myths of other cultures such as Roman, Norse or Japanese?
5. What is your opinion on the color pink?

Welcome everyone! I am Shiloh Adlar, fourth year Ravenclaw and I am your student teacher for this course. On HOL, I am a member of RQT, a Reserve Ravenclaw Prefect, and I also currently assist Flying, Care of Magical Creatures, and Kennilworthy's Kitchen. In RL, I am a freshman in college studying Biochem and Cell Biology along with Policy Studies. I had originally wanted to major or minor in Classical Studies as I loved the classes I took in high school that allowed me to learn about ancient Greece and Rome but changed my course of direction when I decided I wanted to get my Masters of Public Health. I began making comparisons between Greek myth and the Harry Potter universe a few years ago, but never dived head first into it until recently. Researching for this class really allowed me to explore the area, and I hope you will find it as intriguing as I have.
Shiloh Adlar, Seventh Year
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Lavinia Rookwood
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Re: Spring 2016 Introductions

Post by Lavinia Rookwood » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:08 pm

Hello all, I'm Lavinia, or Nina for short. I'm a fifth year and cannot believe it. Time goes so quickly! I chose to take this class as I love mythology of all kinds, and Greek is no exception. I'm not sure i have a particular goal in taking this class, beyond expanding my current knowledge of Greek mythology. As for other classes I am taking, I have Ancient Civilizations which fits nicely with this class, Magic in Famous Mysteries, Hol Exchange Program: Beauxbatons, and Astrology and Harry Potter. Plus OWls. I suppose this is the thing to remember when i have doubts about whether or not I should have been a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff instead.

I have had knowledge of Greek Mythology from before. My parents had a couple of books and I found more in the library. However, I do feel I have forgotten some of it over the years, so I'm hoping to sort of bring it back. As I mentioned earlier, I love mythology of all kinds, but the others I know of are Roman, Irish and Egyptian mythology, with some small smatterings of Japanese and Norse. (Don't tell anyone but I'm secretly considering an Irish Mythology class here at HOL.) And as for the color pink, it's a good enough color, though I personally prefer purple or red to it. Pink can get a touch sweet for my personal taste, so I like it mixed with darker or more bold colors, to give it a punch.
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Ariella McManus
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Re: Spring 2016 Introductions

Post by Ariella McManus » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:08 pm

Hi everyone! I'm Ariella McManus, 5th year Ravenclaw Prefect. Currently, in addition to this class, I am taking Ancient Civilizations, HOL Exchange Program: Beauxbatons, Magic in Famous Mysteries, Astrology and Harry Potter, as well as the dreaded OWLS. I also teach my own mythology class, which deals strictly with Egyptian Mythology. I am presently working on a class in Dreamology which I hope to have ready for the Fall Term. In RL, I am the married mother of one daughter, who is also a member of this site. I daresay that I am probably older than most of you; but what is age but a number anyway? When I'm not busy with HOL, I enjoy cooking, working with graphics, reading, and controlling the lives of my precious SIMS. I am also a die hard Doctor Who fanatic, so beware that I will talk your ears off should the subject be mentioned!

I chose to take this class due to my lifelong love of mythology. Honestly, it doesn't matter which culture it is; I enjoy mythology as a whole. I will say that I have a particular fondness for Celtic Mythology, but other than that, anything goes. I am hoping by taking this class, not only to revisit some of my 'old favourite friends', but to learn some new information as well. As far as Greek mythology goes, while I am no expert on the subject and have never been a formal scholar of it, I would dare to venture that I am quite well versed on it. A sickly childhood led to many hours of convalescing in bed and reading, and the Greek mythologies were among some of my favourites. Those early years sparked a love affair with them that has thankfully never ended. Sadly, I am not that well versed in cultures such as Japan or Chinese mythology, but Roman mythology ranks right up there with my 'big three', namely Greek, Roman, and Celtic. As far as the colour pink goes, I suppose it depends on the shade of it and my mood on the given day. I am more of a muted tone person myself, but a little pink every now and then never hurt anyone. Of course, my husband would disagree wholeheartedly, but what does he know?!! Cheers!
Ravenclaw Prefect/Head Student/Student Teacher/ar1107
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Tris Evergreen
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Re: Spring 2016 Introductions

Post by Tris Evergreen » Thu Mar 31, 2016 1:32 am

Hey guys! I'm Katniss Evergreen ( was named before the H.G books were released, but I am a lot like Katniss Everdeen!
My HOL name is Tris Evergreen, because I thought Katniss would be rejected.
I'm in year one, am 18 years old, and am in Gryffindor, and proud of it!
I'm currently taking: this class, Duelling, DADA, Care of Magical Creatures, and Quidditch, the wizarding way!
Great classes, fun homework! Wish ALL real school homework was this fun!

Yes, I've had a lot of knowledge about Greek mythology.
I'm very fond of the Percy Jackson series, and read the addition books, Greek heroes and gods
. I am not so fond of other mythology, thought.
Norse and Roman are tolerable, but nothing, nothing beats Greek!
I have to say, I was surprised by this question! I actually dislike pink very much!
I've never liked bright and sparkly colors....I'm a girl who loves sports, black, green, blue, and animals.............
Allorra Albera
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Re: Spring 2016 Introductions

Post by Allorra Albera » Tue Apr 05, 2016 8:40 pm

My name is Allorra Albera and I am a first year in Ravenclaw. I am currently enrolled in this class and Ancient Runes at the moment but am hoping to take more. I am a mother and work as a Nursing Auxilliary which can take up a lot of my time.

1. I choose this class because I am very interested in mythology in general but in particular Greek mythology.
2. I am hoping to broaden my knowledge of Greek myths and learn about how the Greek culture thought and what they believed.
3. I did have prior knowledge of many Greek myths before I signed up as I have always been interested in mythology.
4. I know a couple of myths from other cultures such as Ancient Egyptian, Inuit, Norse and Roman.
5. I like the colour pink although I am more of a green person myself.

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