Disney Discussion #1

Class led by Prof. Gustavo Flores
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Prof. Gustavo Flores
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Disney Discussion #1

Post by Prof. Gustavo Flores » Tue Aug 18, 2015 5:13 am

Remember this option is worth 10 POINTS!

Watch the video from the website and answer the following:

Taking into consideration the three rules established by the Genie, please answer:

If you find a magic lamp and free the Genie inside, which would your three wishes be?

There is no right or wrong answer, just please explain the reasons behind your wishes. At least 100 words for full marks. Please post your answer in the correct thread in our Class Forum.
Zach Jameson
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Re: Disney Discussion #1

Post by Zach Jameson » Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:29 am

I am not sure what kind of wishes I would make if I found a genie. I mean, I just received probably one of the most powerful objects in the world. The rules are simple: I can't kill anyone. I can't make anyone fall in love with anyone. I can't wish to rise the dead. Where do I start with my wishes...I am basically happy with my life at moment, though I am struggling to find a job. I turn to the Genie and state my first wish. 'I wish to be able to get the job that I enjoy doing'. With my first wish granted, I begin to think of my second wish. I want to use the Genie to do good for people I care for. I smile before stating my second wish to the Genie. 'I wish that my family would be able to live without financial worry.' Now that I have wished for two things, I think upon the third wish. I would feel sorry for the Genie, having all those powers, but a slave to the lamp. Without a second thought, I make my third wish. 'I wish to set you free Genie.' Now the Genie is free to do as he pleases and I have am happy with my life now.
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Jenna Hathaway
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Re: Disney Discussion #1

Post by Jenna Hathaway » Thu May 03, 2018 9:10 am

I actually really like Zach’s choices for this question, and I would honestly be happy with the same choices. I have a job but we are in need of a better financial income, plus I have a lot of life changes coming up that would need money. So I think wishing for a job that I enjoy doing and pays well would really help a lot. I wouldn’t want to wish for just money because that will eventually run out.

For my second wish I would ask to have my life set up abroad, where I will be moving to be with my future husband. A nice house and everything we could ever need to start a life, with all the paperwork for my citizenship sorted would take a lot off our shoulders.

For the third wish… well, the genie didn’t say I couldn’t wish for more wishes, so maybe that? That’s the tricky answer, but to be honest I would be happy with setting him free too once I’ve got everything in my life sorted!
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Peter Silvers
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Re: Disney Discussion #1

Post by Peter Silvers » Tue May 15, 2018 7:51 pm

Even though I know how dangerous wishes can be, and I agree that Aladdin really didn't get his wishes as I have heard theorized, but if I were to wish for something, these would probably be my top 3 wishes.

Wish #1 would be a ranch style house that was free and clear so that my wife and I could start life out properly. As we are newly married, a nice home that we did not have to pay any rent or mortgage payments on would help us out financially. This home would have to be stocked with all needed appliances and handicapped access.

Wish #2 would be for my disability and illnesses to go away so that I could work and take care of my wife and family so that we can have our dreams.

Wish #3 would be a nest egg in the bank account so that both my wife and I could live out our golden/elder years worry free.
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