The Hobbit - Questions?

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The Hobbit - Questions?

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Do you have questions about The Hobbit, From Tolkien to Jackson? Ask here!

Or, if you are wanting to know just what Kili said to Fili that made Bilbo turn green, but don't want to ask in this public place, send me a HOL PM. :)

Questions which have come up in the past --

If I took The Hobbit before, and didn't pass it, may I take it again?

Yes, you may take The Hobbit again. I have different, alternative, assignments for those of you who already turned in a homework (or homeworks) and received points for them. (Be aware that if you received points for previous Hobbit assignments, those same homeworks will not earn you points again. Yes, I have kept all the homework which has been sent in over the years. ^_^ )

Remember to tell me you've taken the class -- send me an email to the class site or send me a HOL PM or an HOL Message -- and would like alternative assignments to replace those which you've already sent in. No problem!

Other questions:

May I send in my homework late -- past the due date -- even if I didn't request an extension?

If you send in your homework after the due date, I will accept it but points will be deducted for being sent in after the due date on a sliding scale depending on how late it is.

~ ~ ~

Question: May I send in my homework with attachments?

Answer: No. Don't send in your homework as an attachment, either embedded in the email or indicated at bottom of email with paperclip (or whatever). Type your responses in the body of the email.
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