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Post by Rames » Mon Aug 18, 2003 2:54 pm

Due to recent events, I am forced to repeat the very obvious:

HOL Content and Graphics are COPYRIGHTED!

This includes everything from FAQ texts to Quidditch rules, Class websites to Forum graphics. By law, copyright will automatically protect any original literary, artistic or musical works placed on a web site. The owners of rights are HOL and/or the original designers/authors of the material. If you use our material without permission, you STEAL from HOL and this means from everyone here who worked on HOL to make it what it is now, basically from everyone who loves this place, not just from me or the designer/author. Because HOL is a non-profit organization, not commercial in any way, and privately funded, this makes it even worse - we will not tolerate this.

If HOL is not satisfactory enough for you, and you mean to open your own "Hogwarts", or participate in other HOL-like sites, then there is nothing at all wrong with that - you can do whatever you want with your time... but do not take/copy/steal HOL material for this purpose without permission. Develop your own ideas, texts, make your own lessons and graphics. All rights are reserved, this is stated on innumeral pages in HOL.

I request everyone who took texts and graphics from HOL for use in their "Hogwarts" sites, to remove everything immediately. You know that you are meant.

If you have no idea what copyright is, please check this link:
http://www.intellectual-property.gov.uk ... /index.htm
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Post by Prof. Paddy O'Brien » Mon Oct 24, 2005 5:03 pm

Bumping this topic, because I've seen a site that not only steals graphics that are made and copyrighted for HOL, but it also steals our bandwidth by hotlinking from the HOL-site.

If you have a Hogwarts-like site, check to see if you don't use any of HOL's stuff.
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