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Guidelines for Links and Signatures

Post by Prof. Kyrie Adderholt » Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:03 pm

Below is a reminder of what is expected on the forum for signatures and links.

Links on the HOL forum have to be G-rated. The only link you may have is in the "Home Page" field in your forum profile. No links are allowed in your signature, other areas of your profile, or in your post unless they are HOL-related links; newspapers, House papers, etc.

Links to any other community, non-HOL forum, or school-simulation are not allowed. You are allowed to link to your private homepage, another Harry Potter site, or any other site as long as it is G-rated and not any kind of commmunity / forum. This is because we cannot control what is posted in other forums / communities. Contents there can change very quickly and may not be G-rated at all. This includes all journals, blogs, and social media.

Another thing that is against the rules is advertising another community / school simulation (even if there is no link) via post or PM. For example: "I want to do another school simulation. If you want to help, please PM me."

Your signature may have up to four lines of text and one picture with a maximum of 100 pixels in height and 250 in width. (To check your pixels for the picture, right click it and choose "Properties" and check "Dimensions.") You are not allowed to use the spoiler tags ([ SPOILER ] [ /SPOILER ]) in your signature.

If your signature does not follow the rules, you will be informed by PM and you will have to change it. If you do not, an admin will change it for you, and you will get a warning / lose points. Incoming students are not exempt from this.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact one of your House Prefects.
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