Graduation 2020

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Graduation 2020

Post by Prof. Dario Brighton » Thu Jul 02, 2020 9:38 pm

Congratulations to everyone who earned two or more quills this year and advanced to the next one!

First to Second Year

Aidan Verto
Amy Darvill
Amy Smith
Analise Marie
Anna Westbrook
Audun Helsing
Aurelia Grayson
Avalon Rosenberg
Brianna Caedmon
Cailyn Woodenvale
Calla Whitepeak
Carrie Warts
Celeste Farhorn
Charlie Spencer
Dani Crespo
Daniella Russo
Doris Creevey
Emerald Nightshade
Emerald Wolvenhowl
Emily Spencer
Evi Caledon
Flora Radley
Hayley Grace
Hazel Honeysett
Isa Vestal
Isabella Ortiz
Jessica Granger
Jordyn Tidwell
Ky Greene
Leah Carson
Lorainia Riverrider
Louis Walles
Lucia Dinapoli
Lucy Poole
Marianne Arden
Marley Chase
Mary Seville
Mia Fountain
Mia Granger
Mya Abititeux
Narcissus Delmenia
Nula Ceara
Persphone Woodson
Raevia Ward
Savannah Foster
Silvana Mandeville
Silver Myst
Sky Marsh
Sparky McPup
Torii Taylor
Tushar Goyal
Violet Wraith

Second to Third Year

Adaleine Shuster
Aurora Flame
Cut Yuna
February Fortescue
Iverian Gnash
Lizzi Long
Noppoh Elvenstar
Qisthy Xavier
Roxanne Black
Selenophilia Moon

Third to Fourth Year

Alexander Aino
Draco Riddle
Janie Peterson
Sophia Rudel

Fourth to Fifth Year

Alexander Brighton
Allyson Celestra
Anna Snape
Daniel Zaz
Gail Allen
Ginger Roenick
Kaitlyn Nightingale
Kendra Givens

Fifth to Sixth Year

Arianna Stonewater
Cody Lewis
Maxim Trevelyan
Ravariel Aiwince

Seventh Years who have met quill and OWL requirements and are taking their NEWT exams are Polaris Black, Sky Alton and Will Lestrange.
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Prof. Dario Brighton
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Re: Graduation 2020

Post by Prof. Dario Brighton » Fri Aug 21, 2020 12:23 am

The students who passed their NEWTs and have graduated from Hogwarts are Sky Alton, who took Charms, History of Magic and Muggle Studies, and Will Lestrange who took Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions and Transfiguration. They have both earned an Outstanding in each of the three exams they took. Well done!
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