Adv. Care Of Magical Creatures Graduation

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« Adv. Care of Magical Creatures »

.•QUILL earners

.:Fumei Shirokuro:.
.:Marguerite Davenport:.
.:Iris Ixchel:.

» Awards «

۸ Amazing Acromantula ۸

۸ Fumei Shirokuro ۸
۸ Marguerite Davenport ۸
۸ Iris Ixchel ۸

ҨBrilliant BasiliskҨ

ҨFumei Shirokuroҩ
ҨMarguerite Davenportҩ
ҨIris Ixchelҩ

۵ Magical Manticore۵
۵ Fumei Shirokuro ۵
۵ Marguerite Davenport ۵
۵ Iris Ixchel ۵

Great job all of you! I would like to thank you for such a wonderful term! Congratulations!
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