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Care of Magical Creatures Graduation Ceremony Fall Term 2011/2012

It was that time of the year again, end of term. Being a student AND a teacher was killer sometimes, but it was rather rewarding as well. Graduation time was a perfect example. All of the exams and other work Ryan had procrastinated had to be done in a matter of days. It had been a rather rough last few days for Ryan but he had somehow made it through them. It was time for his favorite thing, failing people graduating another class.

It was tough to do and his pass few classes had not been very successful. But this term had been something different. Lots of people passed his class. Was there a cheating ring in the school? Who cared! People passed his class, that was all he was worried about. It was going to be rather joyful when Ryan could read off all of the names that were going to graduate that term.

It was great to have an assistant too. Kirra had pulled through for Ryan so many times he had lost track. And it was a good thing she agreed to come back for next term too. The best part was she was going to do it WILLINGLY! Which was even better new for Ryan. But there was one thing she couldn't really help with and that was the class award and quill list for the graduation ceremony. It was a longer list than he ever had! He actually had to use a sheet of parchment to write them all down instead of using random bits of scratch paper he found laying around the classroom.


Ryan had made his final preparations for the ceremony. He gathered all of the awards he would need to hand out along with the roll of parchment that contained the names of all of the winners. He was sure happy that the term was over. He was looking forward to a long vacation. (Haha) He soon found his way to his classroom that always seem to hide from him. He was going to make a map to it the one day. But he got lost and his map was completely useless. But non-the-less he found his classroom. He quickly made his way to the front of the room and quieted everyone down. Everyone was glad the term was over finally and being the last in class was really exciting! Besides there were shiny awards involved for this class period! Ryan soon commenced the ceremony. "I would like to thank you all first of all for being such a wonderful class. I really enjoyed this term, and I hope you did as well. I prepared a little speech to sum up the highlights of of the term." Ryan told his class. He began fumbling around his pockets looking for the speech he had written. It didn't take him as long as he expected. He reached in his left pocket and pulled out a large roll of parchment. He unrolled it at his podium and heard one collective groan come from the class. The parchment was almost 6 feet long. Ryan scanned over the first line of the parchment before realizing that he hadn't wrote a speech at all. This was his to-do list from a month ago. "Don't get too down students. This clearly isn't what I wanted. I seem to have forgotten to write a speech." Ryan informed the people starring at him. "Anyways, I do know this parchment has all of the Quills on it. So let's start with that!" he said while pulling out another roll of parchment, and began reading...

Quill Earners
Annie Evans
Aurelia West
Brittany Taylor
Cat Pieterse
Chadwick Cadet

Chase Aldomi
David Hester
Emma Walker
Enid Labs
Eno Thomas
Fumei Shirokuro

Hazel Coriannson
Iris Ixchel

Ivy Mizanin
Janie Peterson
Justine Provençal
Licarline Aida Clyne
Louise Weston
Marguerite Davenport
Nysca Luvelle

Golden Lethifold
Aurelia West
Chadwick Cadet
Enid Labs
Eno Thomas
Fumei Shirokuro

Marguerite Davenport

Bright Chimaera
Aurelia West
Chadwick Cadet
Enid Labs
Eno Thomas
Fumei Shirokuro

Marguerite Davenport

The Great Nundu Catchers

Chadwick Cadet - 300
Eno Thomas - 300
Fumei Shirokuro - 300

Enid Labs - 300

Iris Ixchel - 270

Aurelia West - 300
Marguerite Davenport - 300

and one final Award....

The Greatest Assistant Ever

Kirra Rohan!!

Ryan rolled up the parchment and tucked it into one of his pockets and said one last time, "Congratulations to All! Thank you all once again I'm still glad that 13% of this class graduated! I hope to see all that passed this term in the advanced class soon!"


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