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Post by Rames »

Post here if you have more than one identity in HOL. And only in this topic please. Posts will be deleted as soon as they are handled.

Thank you all
Scarlett Moondust
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Post by Scarlett Moondust »

My brother didn't want to play anymore, and so i took his over: Noah Moondust
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Jaenelle Scollick
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Post by Jaenelle Scollick »

My mom and I both go on this website.

Jada Nerys - This is my mom's account.

Jaenelle Scollick - This is mine, obviously.
Eaven Braenwood
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Post by Eaven Braenwood »

Someone else had my e-mail address before me, a few years ago, and signed up, but I already talked to Leah Samson, and changed my e-mail address to one with my HOL name.

Katsu Leyah
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Post by Katsu Leyah »

Me and my sister are both active here.

Katsu Leyah => me.

Lillith Pegason => my sister.
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Percy Patches
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Post by Percy Patches »

I have another accout with the name

Pardee Poon

and the id is pa619

but i need it deleted cuz its my real name

but it dosent have the same email address as this one
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Regina Silverthread
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Post by Regina Silverthread »

My sister Silvia Silverthread, would like her account deleted.
This is not really a double signup as we're two but we use same email and stuff.
Thanks a lot.
Adiana Jewel
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Post by Adiana Jewel »

hi i have a account by the nme of Mai Sokanon that i would like to be deleted. thanks
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Kali Errington

Post by Kali Errington »

i have ka669 and am632 if you are going to get rid of one please get rid of am632
amy errington

p.s sorry for creating 2 identitys /sad.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":(" border="0" alt="sad.gif" /> /sad.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":(" border="0" alt="sad.gif" />
Jennalee Hessler
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Post by Jennalee Hessler »

hey, I have two identities that I'd like deleted. cl400 and ka552.

cl400 is my old one that became inactive, and Ka552 is my sister's who decided that she didn't want to be part of HOL anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Hemolele Hurley
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Post by Hemolele Hurley »

My sister wants her account deleted, her HOL name is Lela Granger. She's decided she doesn't want to be apart of HOL anymore.

So, yeah, thanks.
Arnold Grayfox
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Post by Arnold Grayfox »

My other non used account is under the name of Luke Hadley.
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Alicia Potter
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Post by Alicia Potter »

My other account is: anne bloom. Can you please delete that one?
Hazel Kaprano
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Post by Hazel Kaprano »

I have two accounts: Isabella Cortez (is501) and Jasmine Flores (ja554) Can you please delete them? Thanks and...sorry for any inconvenience. /unsure.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":unsure:" border="0" alt="unsure.gif" />
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Ashley Denver
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Post by Ashley Denver »

My sister signed up as Hannah Taylor last year but I don't think she wants the account anymore because she hasn't been on this site since last summer.
My brother and I signed up this year though, my account is Ashley Denver as618 and I'm pretty sure his account number is jo625 but I don't know what name he used.
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Brea Daniels
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Post by Brea Daniels »

I was just looking at the calendar (at the birthdays). I went to my birth date and I noticed that apparently I signed up January 12, 2003. I remembered that I had signed up way back when (couldn't remember the date), when I had signed up just recently.

Though, for some reason, I was thinking that the account had been deleted since it was so long ago.

I don't know the password or the HOL ID for the name either (The name is Brea Weasley).

I just wanted to bring this to your attention so it didn't make it seem as though I was taking up another identity.

If I need to use the name that I had originally signed up with on January 12, 2003, just let me know. I don't have a problem with whatever decision you make on this.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Bridget Connelly
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Post by Bridget Connelly »

I signed up twice because I decided that I wanted to use my mom's maiden name, and not my own last name. My other identity is Bridget Daniells [br627]. I'm not using Bridget Daniells, though. How do I delete it?

EDIT: I deleted it.

EDIT EDIT: Thank you, Rames.
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Wallace Richardson

Post by Wallace Richardson »

I want my Jeremy Wallace, and Jeremy W. acoounts deleted they were just a little prank prof.chris was not very fond of.
Kris Weasley
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Post by Kris Weasley »

Okay, I know this isn't mine but my friend use to go to HOL but she quit. She used my email long time ago. Ranessa Weasley is her username.

Other People that goes to HOL that are active
Me: Kris Weasley
My Sister: Karen Cortez
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Elizabeth Grander
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Post by Elizabeth Grander »

I need to get rid of one of my accounts. The username is Stephanie Licorice and the code is ST630. Thank you!
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