Favorite Board Game

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Nikki Malfoy
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Post by Nikki Malfoy »

I have many favorites. Some are
-Who? What? Where?
-Catch Phrase
-Clue FX
-13 13 Dead End Drive
what are some of your favorites?
Lyza Zhen Haliwell
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Post by Lyza Zhen Haliwell »

I know only a few but my favorite so far is Vissionary.
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Amanda Hensgen
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Post by Amanda Hensgen »

Awe board games. They remind me of this craze all my friends and I had last summer. Well anyway we were obsessed with like three games and played them all the time. Which seems sort of dorky but board games pwn. ;D

I absolutely love scrabble. It's just an amazing game ^^ I even have this mini scrabble pen which you can play in schoool, everyone's liek amazed by it because it's so tiny.

I also love Scattegories. This is where you roll a die and for example you get the letter "M". Then you have about 2 minutes to go down a sheet and fill in the question liek "Famous Actress" that starts with the letter M. Then there's more simple stuff too like "Dessert". It's a really fun game and you can get some erm interesting answers *g*

Then my third favorite game that's just a pure classic in Monopoly. I am a very competitive person so whenever I play this game I get really into it. It's funneh.

Caranium is a good game as well. I liek doing teh role playing charade cards. Fun topic /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />
Prof. Rorey Padfoot
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Post by Prof. Rorey Padfoot »

Oh wow, board games!

I love to play board games. I too like Scattergories, Monopoly, Pay Day, Clue, Trivia Pursuit, and the latest one I got for Christmas is Scene it, the Harry Potter version.
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Prof. Angelus Darklost
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Post by Prof. Angelus Darklost »

I have always been a long-time fan of some of the more classic board games, like RISK, Stratego, and CLUE.

I've also got a fondness for Scrabble, but I'm horrible at finding words that are worth mega points, let alone calculating placement of words on the board for the best point values.

But aside from these, I've also been learning Byzantine Chess, Goose, Fox & Geese, 9-Man Morris, and a couple other Medievalish games.
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Prof. Iruel Riddle
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Post by Prof. Iruel Riddle »

My favorite board games are:
-Monopoly(Even though I tend to lose it ^^/wink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" />
-Clue(Well.. the video game version of it, anyway. I imagine the board game one's just as fun, though.)
It's been SO long since I've played any, though. /sad.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":(" border="0" alt="sad.gif" /> . I haven't had the time to.
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Sophie Snowball
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Post by Sophie Snowball »

i love board games, especially on rainy days when i was younger and we would be at my friends house all cosy and play games like
scrabble - which i always play with my mum now when i visit
monoploy - thats an all time classic!
boggle - i lost my game of that havent a clue where it is but it was always fun
card games - we had loads of card games we used to play and they always have different names for different people but we had one called "shed" we used to play although i dont think its universally called that and dont ask me how to play it, lol, because its been so long i can only remember i really liked it and e called it shed - it may have been one where we had three cards facing down each in front of us, then another 3 above the first three but these were facing up and like three in our hand and im sure the three facing down, when we got to a certain stage you had to say if it was higher or lower than the ones showing above it, mind you i could well be completely remembering wrong but i know there were three facing down aleast, lol - wow its been so long, that may also not be shed but its one i kind of remember and it was my favourite.
board games are great brings so many memories!
i sometimes play chess but i get too frustrated with it because my boyfriend suddenly does a move that i didnt even know was in the rules then we have a massive argument because im sure he has just made it up and wont back down just so he can win, or i will win and hes like "no you cant do that you have to do this first etc" but if we did it his way the game would never finish and we would end up killing each other, lol.
we are both far too competative when we play a game!
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Seren Edwards
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Post by Seren Edwards »

I have lots of board games and love nothing better on a Saturday night than to challenge my hubby to a trivia game. For Easter I bought my hubby CSI:Miami so thats the game that we are going to try tonight. As far as a favourite 221B Baker street is a fantastic crime solving game. There are loads of cases to solve and the clues are not too easy to solve. If I'm in the mood for a classic then Pay Day is great fun too.
Prof. Audiaa Martin
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Post by Prof. Audiaa Martin »

My favorite games when I was younger were stratego and something called Uncle Wigglies (something or other) I can’t remember the title. Now, my favorite board games are Scatagories, Cranium, Trivial Pursuit, and taboo. I love playing games that make everyone laugh.
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Tadashi Miura
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Post by Tadashi Miura »

Scrabble- i piss people off because i win almost all the time
Monopoly- people don't trust me, so they don't trade with me
Chess- i'm 2 impatient though
But there still my favourite
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Sierra Dave
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Post by Sierra Dave »


I play...

- Scrabble
- Monopoly
- Halma (Indonesian games)
- Chess (actually, I'm kind of impatient person, so I often became the loser)
- etc..
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Guinevere Moon
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Post by Guinevere Moon »

Scene it (HP version) lol I haven't played it but I am sure I will love it!

Alexia Riaper
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Post by Alexia Riaper »

I love Monopoly. Best board game ever in my opinion. But I also like playing Scene It (I want to get the HP edition), Scrabble and Life. I always had to be the blue car!
Kaitlyn O'Shea
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Post by Kaitlyn O'Shea »

Prof. Angelus Darklost wrote:I've also got a fondness for Scrabble, but I'm horrible at finding words that are worth mega points, let alone calculating placement of words on the board for the best point values.

I'm the same way with Scrabble, especially if I play with mom.(But then, most people lose to mom.)As for other favorites, I'm a big Clue,Life and Monoply fan. I also like ths Christian based game called Omega Expedition. It's kinda of Indiana Jones type games except you're looking for Biblical artifacts.
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Etheria Angel
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Post by Etheria Angel »

Board games..love 'em!

My all time 'favorites' hmmmm...




We also have some Christian based games that are pretty cool

Omega Expedition

Bible Blurt
Camille Ritter
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Post by Camille Ritter »

My favorites are Clue and Scene It! Harry Potter & Disney. I also love Apples to Apples and Outburst.

EDIT: When I get together with a close friend of mine and her family, Scattergories is the greatest thing.
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Kyle Dagge

Post by Kyle Dagge »

I really like board games too. Some of my all time favorites are Clue, Monopoly, Life, and Yatzee. I really like all games but i just wish i could play them a lot more!
Lilly Weasley
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Post by Lilly Weasley »

I love board games. I can't pick just one as my fav. Been playing a lot of Candyland though!
Ron Lupin
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Post by Ron Lupin »

Hmmmmmmmmmm, let me think!!!! Ahh my favorite board games!!!!


There are probably others, but I can't really think right now!!!!!
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Brenna Delaney
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Post by Brenna Delaney »

At the risk of sounding like an echo, Scrabble is one of my favorites too. I have to play it with my Mom every time I go to visit, since my middle brother won't play it with her without a third person and no one else wants to get smashed by the two of them. Luckily, I don't mind losing every time. /happy.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="^_^" border="0" alt="happy.gif" />
I also love to play Mancala, and I used to play Pente a lot at Latin competitions but I've forgotten the rules now. Clue and Monopoly are also fun to play with the family. We've had Monopoly and Risk games that lasted over three days before. So much fun.
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