Off to School

Illustration shows an aerial view of the Hogwarts Express meandering through the countryside with plumes of smoke billowing from the chimney.
Join in this fun activity designed to help ease you in to the first month of the new term.

This activity is for to all HOLers, new and old.

Image credit: Pottermore

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#1Bull J. Johnson's AvatarBull J. Johnson ( 86 days 23 hours ago)

This will be my second to last time on the train as a student. (sad face)

#2Sky Alton's AvatarSky Alton ( 89 days 11 hours ago)

Class sign ups will open on Sept 1st, Twyla :)

I'm so glad people are enjoying the activity!

#3Twyla Vaughn's AvatarTwyla Vaughn ( 89 days 11 hours ago)

So the new term starts in September? When are class sign-ups availiable?

#4Marie Dark's AvatarMarie Dark ( 89 days 21 hours ago)

I really hope everyone is enjoying their summer break. I am really excited for the new term.... I've read the responses in the forum and I am enjoying the ways we have all come together to enjoy this magical community.

#5Maxwell Shadow's AvatarMaxwell Shadow ( 89 days 23 hours ago)

Loving all the activities and posts so far. A great activity for new members and us oldies too!

Great to see you're enjoying it Sachiko :)

#6Sachiko Murata's AvatarSachiko Murata ( 90 days 4 hours ago)

This is a great initiative! Thank you! ♥