You're late! You're late for a very important debate!

Wonderland has been making many parts of HOL topsy-turvy and the Debate Club is no exception. All houses are invited to join in our summer debate event, come and try your best (or worst). Click on the image to head over to the Roost and check it out!


#1Ella Lestrange's AvatarElla Lestrange ( 190 days 20 hours ago)

Great idea! I think Alice would DEFINITLY be in ravencaw.

#2Prof. Kyrie Adderholt's AvatarProf. Kyrie Adderholt ( 435 days 21 hours ago)

It is not part of the activity, but since the camp theme for Ravenclaw is Wonderland, the debate club decided to theme their monthly debate around it.

#3Kim Alting's AvatarKim Alting ( 435 days 21 hours ago)

Is this part of the event in the Roost and Sett? Or is this separate.