Another Purr-fect Edition of the Paw Print

In case you hadn't heard, the new issue of the Paw Print is up for viewing! With pets and animals seeming to be the theme, along with great literary entries and a couple of contests to participate in, this issue is certainly worth checking out. Click the image to begin reading!


#1Sakura Watanabe's AvatarSakura Watanabe ( 313 days 13 hours ago)

cute picture!

#2Prof. Missa Matz's AvatarProf. Missa Matz ( 620 days 1 hour ago)

Thank you Arianna. Stuff was submitted months ago, including graphics for the issue. However, as we all know...Real life is always more important. Always. So thank you for taking the time to help those who might now be able to get the word search done without assistance. We really do thank you for that. :)

#3Prof. Rorey Padfoot's AvatarProf. Rorey Padfoot ( 620 days 19 hours ago)

ok seriously this picture is super cute.

#4February Fortescue's AvatarFebruary Fortescue ( 620 days 22 hours ago)

I have Saeir Darr's dogs' names reversed in the photo in the HOL Pet Poll article. Poptart is wearing green.

#5Arianna Stonewater's AvatarArianna Stonewater ( 621 days ago)

A note for everyone:

The Word Search was created last term, so not all of the members of Gryffindor in the search are active now. If you get stuck send me what you have and i'll do my best to help you!

#6Kim Alting's AvatarKim Alting ( 621 days ago)

Oh my god, that picture is too cute <3
Going to read now.

#7Amanda P. X. Sim's AvatarAmanda P. X. Sim ( 621 days 9 hours ago)

Ooh yay! Been looking forward to this. Off to read!

#8Prof. Tarma Amelia Black's AvatarProf. Tarma Amelia Black ( 621 days 11 hours ago)

Fun stuff to do! I've sent in the Fallen Letters thing ... and now to start a word search. Oh. Right - letters to Snape ... he's so ... 'Snape'. <3 And other things are great too! But now to earn more Beans.