Gryffindor Summer Camp!

Welcome all new and old Gryffindor's to this year's summer camp! Summer camp will run from August 1st through the end of August and you can sign up at any time! Just remember, the later you sign up...the less input you have (since activities begin on the 1st or so). This years theme is going to be water parks! Team names will not be revealed until the activity open on the 1st of August. To sign up, please visit this topic. Not only will you get to know your fellow Gryffindor's better (and make some memories) but you'll also earn beans for participation. I have lots and lots of beans to give away! So come, join in the fun!

We Need Your Feedback!

During the next couple of weeks, the Gryffindor Paw Print is requesting your feedback by taking a survey. This survey will be used to collect information about what HOL would like to see in the house newspaper. Our goal is to bring about new features that YOU ask for!

You can also receive 10 beans for completing the survey! At the end, there will be a place for you to add your HOL ID if you are interested in receiving those beans.

Thank you for completing the survey! We look forward to bringing you a brand new Paw Print in the fall.

You can find the survey RIGHT HERE.

Sink Your Paws Into Another Case Closed!

 photo June2015_blog.png

After what seems to be a long alien abduction, Fumei and the staff are finally escaping and have released a new issue of The Paw Print! Click the image to read.

Graphic by Fumei Shirokuro

Gryffindors Ahoy!

Click moi.

Gryffindor Den challenge! :D
Image by yours truly.

Gryffindor Quidditch Team

All right, Lions, it's time to RALLY! The Quidditch season is fast approaching and the GQT WANTS YOU. You heard the man. We want you to come tryout for the team and play in epic Quidditch matches with us. Have no idea what you're doing or what this is about? Hey, that's okay. Most people don't! Come check it out anyway. It's fun!

Highly Contagious!

Gryffindor only. Click the image, which was made by Fumei. :D

Whose Head Will Fit the Crown?

Click to find out more!

Join Gryffindors as they try to find a way to select a new King or Queen!

Because sleep is underrated!

Click moi!

The lions are finally getting out of their winter sleep! Or at least, that's what we all are expecting, because next month Spring is here again, which results in hibernation time being over! Nevertheless, here is the long awaited Paw Print issue!

Winter Wonderlion

Gryffindor is in grave danger! The Grinch has appeared in the Tower and seemed to have taken away all the Christmas decorations that the Gryffindor Staff had put up to celebrate Christmas. Help to get Christmas back to the Tower!
This is a Gryffindor only activity

Poison Apples


The Paw Print is back! And scarier than ever! Because yes... it’s Halloween-themed! MUAHAHA! *insert scary evil voice here* An issue about Halloween with Recipes, Autumn and lots of love! Something you must go read!

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